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Investigative Journalism: Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter?

They mention only Disney movies and 3 fathers (one who isn't even human, but uh, ok)

  • There is a big focus on Chief Benja (Daniel Dae Kim, "Raya and The Last Dragon"), where many people on Twitter were like "This dude is hot." in their reviews.

“See, I don’t think even I could pull that off, so in some ways, he’s far superior to me,” said Daniel Dae Kim, about Benja's ability to look nice in teal tunics.

  • He went through various changes in development, was thinner and lankier earlier on.

  • The elf dad from "Onward" (I don't remember his name), the article says "Looks like a hot, blue John Krasinski" (Nameless Elf Dad, I'm sorry).

  • Denali (Yes, that Denali) was apparently interviewed for this article, after mentioning most of their crushes were on animated characters before her untimely elimination from RPDR S13.

  • I know #DisneySupremacy runs wild in entertainment circles but I'm rather surprised there's no mention of "The Mitchells vs. The Machines"

Tags: animation, disney, sexy

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