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Nancy Grace Defends Britney Spears After Reporter Calls Her Crazy

Nancy Grace was not having it after another reporter called Britney Spears "crazy" while discussing recently surfaced court documents filed by her father.

They were discussing the claims by her father made in 2008 that she had dementia.

Nancy quickly puts the reporter in her place saying "as I recall, you're a journalist not a medical doctor. Much less a psychologist or psychiatrist."

She goes on saying "I don't think she went crazy. I think she went through a very bad spot and she got connected with a lot of really bad players that were trying to use her in her life."

The reporters defends her claims simply because Britney would call retail stores at 4:00am to open their stores just so she could go shopping.

Nancy questions her double standard and reminds her that Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley would do the same thing but somehow not "crazy" but considered "eccentric".

These documents originally surfaced last year in May but are now getting the red carpet treatment in BBC’s new documentary The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship.

#ImNotImpressedAlexis #FreeBritney

nancy woke up today and chose violence
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