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Shakira, Justin Bieber and other celebrities talk about Colombia's current situation

At least 19 people were killed and hundreds more injured during days of protests across Colombia, in which tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demonstrate against a tax overhaul meant to fill a pandemic-related fiscal hole.

On Sunday, President Iván Duque announced that he would withdraw the current proposal, and instead seek a new plan. But the decisions have done little to quell public anger, and the protests have morphed into a national outcry over rising poverty, unemployment and inequality set off by the arrival of the coronavirus last year.

Many instances of police abuse have been captured on video in recent days, including one in which a young protester is seen kicking a police officer on a motorbike and the officer responds by shooting at the protester as he runs away. The protester was a 17 years old boy called Marcelo Agredo, he died soon after.

Some of the biggest protests have been in Cali, Colombia’s third-largest city. On Sunday, Nicolás Guerrero, a young artist, was among hundreds gathered in a northern part of the city. Suddenly, shots rang out.

A grainy video, livestreamed and watched by many, shows shouting and confusion.

Juan Gómez, a 27-year-old lawyer, was there, and watched as Mr. Guerrero bled out at his feet.

“It was horrible,” said Mr. Gómez. “I have never seen someone die before my eyes.”

For that reason some celebrities have spoken up about the situation that started since last friday:


Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola (Élite)

Noted asshole Justin Bieber:

Chilean singer and queen Mon Laferte:

ChocQuibTown's member and goddess Goyo:

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I hope fellow colombians are safe! stay strong!
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