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American Girl Is Bringing Back Its 6 Original Dolls to Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary​

Mattel announced that they are re releasing the six original American Girl dolls to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary.

Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya will be available for purchase starting in May.

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The dolls will be in their original costumes and retail for $150.

Sources: 1,2
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My doll collecting has been a bit extreme during covid. I’m more into Asian dolls (Blythe, Pullip, Dollfie) but some of these AG dolls are really cute.
I was bitten by the bug again during quarantine as well but my budget did not allow. I just bought my first rainbow high doll and that was a splurge haha! I've always wanted a Pullip doll tho! They are gorgeous!!
I had Felicity and Josefina and was absolutely obsessed. I think I all the books for all the older dolls, and some kind of computer game as well lmao.
I had a Samantha that my 4yo nephew is probably ruining right now.

I got her too soon before I was too old for dolls, I was more interested in collecting the expensive clothes than anything.
My cousin Samantha looked so much like the Samantha doll when she was younger. It was like one of those My Twin dolls they resembled each other so much. I never had them. I had cabbage patch kids.
My sister had a cabbage patch doll and I was terrified of it. It had to be hidden for me to go into her room. Something about it's face was 😬
These catalogs were so deadly for my younger self. Didn't these dolls used to be like $89? Is inflation that bad?

Still bitter that Addy was a slave and then broke so her outfits weren't as cute.
Can't lie, I was a spoiled child and had all these girls. My Molly was give a little extra stuffing and had some trouble fitting in her clothes. All icons. I hope I have a child who likes to play with dolls.
Your Molly is very relatable to pandemic-me lol

They need to Re-release the best friend dolls. I need the Elizabeth Bennet one.

I have Molly, Kiersten, Josephina, and one that was “me” back in my childhood. All excellent condition because I never took out their hair and always put them back in their original clothes. And they all have Pleasant Company branding, so they’re starting to be worth some money.

My Molly had a freak manufacturer defect after a few years where all the color drained from her eye (so it was just silver.) it was terrifying and I wouldn’t go into my room until my mom took it out. She went to the doll hospital and got sent back good as new with a letter from Pleasant Company apologizing for what happened.

Ugh I unbraided Molly's hair once and was devastated that I could never get it back to the original tight braids. Learnt my lesson though and never unbraided Kirsten's hair.
I could never afford the dolls as a kid, but I loved the books so much. I was shocked to find out that they were discontinued, even after I had grown out of them.
let their souls rest
I might just buy that bitch Samantha now since we couldn’t afford her when I was little.
these dolls are so ugly to me.
I'm not spending $150, but I'm glad they brought them back, even if it's just a limited time
I hate that they started retiring dolls
my biggest regret was taking kirsten’s braids out. no matter how much i tried mine could never look like her original braids.
I loved my American Girl Dolls. I had all the books and four dolls. I learned to french braid with my Samantha doll.
I had no idea they weren't being sold anymore.

I had Molly and I loved that doll, but her arm started coming off and I always felt I couldn't play with her like I wanted to because the dolls and their accessories were so expensive.

And I loved Samantha's dress. I wanted one for myself.
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