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American Girl Is Bringing Back Its 6 Original Dolls to Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary​

Mattel announced that they are re releasing the six original American Girl dolls to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary.

Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya will be available for purchase starting in May.

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The dolls will be in their original costumes and retail for $150.

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This company was popping off when I was a kid, so many cute details and you could tell they put a lot of thought into all the dolls. Then Mattel bought them out and it became cheaper looking and bland
I didn't have any of these, and even as an adult I can't justify the cost of one when Monster High was more detailed and better articulated.
I really wanted Samantha when I was little, but by the time my parents got us them (when I was around 12?) Josefina had been released and I really liked her so she's the doll I have... somewhere. My sister got Molly.

I'd still kind of love a Kristen and Samantha, won't lie, but unemployed soooo not really able to spend that money right now.
As a young boy in the 90’s, there was no way my parents were going to spend money like that on a doll for me. But I was obsessed with Samantha & read all of her books a countless amount of times. I even made a Samantha diorama in third grade. Since I couldn’t have a doll, I used to get the catalogue and make paper dolls using it.
Oh so I'm about to buy all of these
I really wish they brought back their storage trunks because Molly's was SO GOOD.
I have my “own” doll her name is Rachel and I want to see it but my mom is like no
Yes! My best friend and I spent days writing our play lol.
I would make so many murder mysteries LMAO
I had this. The computer voice is awful, I always wished it was better.
OMG I sank so many hours into this game. I genuinely think is where my love of scriptwriting was born.
They shouldn't have gotten rid of them in the first place! I don't know if I trust Mattel to recreate them with the proper quality, American Girl quality isn't up to par anymore.

Also confession: When I was in elementary school, they started stocking the American Girl magazines at the school library. I begged my parents for a subscription but it was too expensive, so 7 year old me would rip out the paper dolls from the back of the library copy magazine so I could play with them. I had a collection of about 6 of them before the school librarian started taking them out first and gave our class a very stern speech Without Naming Names But Giving Me Very Meaningful Looks about damaging library property.

I still have them somewhere...
One of my only vivid Christmas memories from childhood is opening Molly as a present from my mom because I wanted her so bad but they're sooo expensive and I didn't think I'd actually get her. I think she's worth decent money now since she's an original from before Mattel bought the company but idk I can't part with her.
Aww! Gets me in the feels.
My sister had the Samantha doll and should have known that was the first red flag that she would become insufferable
Run 😱
Too old butI didn't want one.
Dating myself...nothing nothing tops "My Child". They were genius doll babies.
My spoiled cousins had these and i wanted one so bad bc of that. But my mom said she was NOT spending that much on a doll. So instead i just got the free catalogs and would circle what i wanted LMAOO

Thank god she had sense tbh
Same here. Every Christmas that came and went without a Kit doll under the tree was a small stab in the heart. I would rip out the catalog page and order form then stick it under my mom’s grocery list every time it arrived in the mail. Lol
My Mom always told me we couldn’t afford one when I was younger so I just read the books that my friends had from their dolls.

Sure enough, when my niece was born my Mom bought her MULTIPLE dolls and the clothes/accessories. Bitter doesn’t even describe how I felt/feel.
My mom did that to me but with my cousins and Cabbage Patch dolls! I was so upset!
I can see it's different times and the years can bring financial security, but I get the bitterness of not getting something and having it freely given to someone younger. It sucks. I'm sorry :-(
Just thought you should know i found this comment to be so sweet, and much needed! It’s nice to have someone get your perspective sometimes! THANK YOU!!


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