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American Girl Is Bringing Back Its 6 Original Dolls to Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary​

Mattel announced that they are re releasing the six original American Girl dolls to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary.

Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya will be available for purchase starting in May.

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The dolls will be in their original costumes and retail for $150.

Sources: 1,2
Tags: books / authors, nostalgia, toys / memorabilia / collectibles

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May 4 2021, 16:05:37 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:06:31 UTC

This is semi OT but growing up I always wanted a doll house but my parents thought it was too expensive and this pandemic I finally got my own dollhouse with furniture and little dolls and my mum helped me build it together :’)

Damn I really want the Samantha doll as a collectible as we never had these over here. But $150? Were they that expensive 20/30 years ago too?
that's so great! i love doll houses, they're so cool.

iirc, when i bought my felicity doll in the 90s, the doll + book + accessories was $110, so just the doll + book was probably $80ish
I think they were around $80-90 back in the '90s but the quality was a lot better pre-Mattel
They were not $150 in the 90s. They were kind of pricey, but not that expensive.
My parents got Addy for me and I adored her. I had read all of her books before. Her full name is Aduke and my entire family laughed at me and thought I was making shit up since we're Nigerian... my grandma was a seamstress and made traditional Nigerian clothes for her. I still have the top!! She's on my dresser wearing it rn with her bloomers bc idk where the wrap is... 😭 I should find it. My parents came to the US before I was born and I didn't get to see my grandmother as much as my older cousins... But we had a sewing machine my mother bought bc she wanted to learn how to sew. It was never used unless my grandmother was visiting lol. I always sat underneath it and watched while she sewed. She made dresses for another tiny doll I had.

Did not mean to get all up in my feels about American Girls, but my Addy doll is so important to me lmao.
Omg this is the best story <3
Aww, this is a so sweet. A beautiful story. ❤️
I remember having one of those American Girl dolls that are supposed to look like you lol. My grandma got them for me and my oldest cousin so the other girls in my family were so jealous. It did feel so good to have a brown doll that looked like me, I can’t even lie. We named them Chloe and Zoe and made chipmunk voices when we played with them lol. Such innocent times.
As a grown ass woman who still loves dolls (I've got a small Living Dead Dolls collection and will lovingly gaze at Barbies whenever I stumble across a toy aisle) I never knew about American Girl Dolls, not being American and all, until recently.

I'm a bit mad that it took me so long to discover these because they're expensive as hell, seems like they were even before they became collector's items, and I definitely want a Josefina. She's adorbs.
I love dolls too and girls’ toys in general. I still browse like the toy section at Harrods with great interest lol
I was so obsessed with Barbie and had hundreds of them (ty, rich deadbeat dad trying to buy my love) and it wasn't until I was like 14, playing with them in my room, that I decided "Enough is enough, young lady, you're basically an adult now". lmfao then I got into Marilyn Manson and Eminem, oversized t-shirts with their faces on them and all, should've just stuck to being an immature wee girl tbh.

Harrods breaks my heart a bit, it's gorgeous and I love their Christmas ornaments especially but who on Earth can afford any of that?!


5 days ago


5 days ago

omg sis u need to peep rainbow high dolls. I just bought my first one and the quality is SO GOOD. miles better than current barbie and honestly comparable to american girl. if you can get into the trendy fashions, they're fun to collect!


4 days ago


4 days ago

I had Samantha! She got a LOT of playtime and is in rough shape somewhere in my attic... tangled hair, a lazy eye, and a dropped leg. Part of me wishes I'd taken better care of her, but I also really loved playing with her, so I guess it was worth it!

I recently decided to read every historical American Girl series. I really liked Kaya's and Caroline's stories. Felicity's were kind of a letdown. Josefina's are next!
If you ever had interest in getting her fixed up, they still have the Doll Hospital.
Do you think you can trust them with the old originals? I know quality went down since the company was sold to Matel...

I have an old Kristin foll that needs an arm reattached, but I'm worried


4 days ago


May 4 2021, 16:11:06 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:12:13 UTC

I'm outraged that 1986, when I was 1, is now considered old enough to have a historical doll!! what is this!!!!!! I'm also curious as to what her pre-teen 1980s SFV strife will be!

as someone obsessed with the 80s, i seriously thought about getting myself this doll
As someone born in 1991, I perpetually consider the 80s only about 20 years ago lol.
I won't lie... I wanted to get this as an '86 born Courtney
I sent the announcement to my dad earlier with not to subtle birthday cake emojis.

Felicity was really That Bitch.
I had Samantha, Molly, Addy, Kristen, And Felicity... plus a “girl like me” which was dumb because it was basically Kristen without bangs.

I LOVED the books and would reread them over and over. I had most of Samsntha’s furniture, and converted part of my closet into “her room”. Some of my favorite moments as a kid were playing with them.

I don’t have kids, so have no real need for them at this point. They’ve been in my childhood bedroom, but my mom’s good friend has a few grandchildren about the right age so we will give them the whole lot of dolls, furniture and clothes. I hope they love them as much as I did!
I’m still salty that Santa never brought me a Molly doll 😂. Will definitely be buying one now.
New doll idea: Pandemic Pam.
Pamela Cress is growing up with her traditional family in America's real heartland. Brought up with good values, she may be only 10, but she knows all her rights and how to hold on to them. Proud of her Anglo-Saxon heritage, she's got her parents to thnak for her common sense. Her latest adventure is banding together with her friends to build an oil pipline through her neighborhood's gardens. She's a rootin' tootin' real American girl! Hunting rifle and tiki torch sold separately.
this is just the weirdest comment for this post when american girl dolls are actually quite inclusive
It's like you don't want them to tap into that underserved MAGA market.
And, of course it's weird. We're talking about dolls. Amongst other adults. On ONTD.
Have a little fun.
Typical from him.
Bitch you kill me


5 days ago

Does she come with a MAGA hat?


4 days ago


4 days ago


May 4 2021, 16:26:41 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:26:57 UTC

Felicity was the first one I got, then I got Samantha for my birthday, then my dad got me a custom one and a Kit doll on a business trip.


May 4 2021, 16:28:32 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:36:39 UTC

i have felicity, my sister has samantha, and my mom has addy. mom made us save up and pay for the dolls on our own. i remember having friends who straight up abused their dolls but it took aaaageessss as an 8yo to save up so i was so freaking careful with mine

i always loved josefina so maybe i'll buy her. i don't need a doll i'm 30yo lmao what am i thinking. she's so pretty though
Lord. I'm old enough to remember when Addy was the brand-new addition. (The part in the books where the slave master or whoever makes her eat worms was so viscerally horrific to me. Like, obviously that's extremely toned down, but at that age it was one of the cruelest things I could imagine, so it was a surprisingly effective lesson on slavery.)
same i remember when they added her and then josefina
the dolls were out of the question for my fam, so my sis would play with - not the book - but the catalogue looool. they had stories in them too, and all the little accessories and shit? idk, we had fun. my friend had josefina and we played with her nonstop. the accessories were always my fave thing about these dolls.
awww. I had an Addy doll. And I never did her hair so it was a mess.
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