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American Girl Is Bringing Back Its 6 Original Dolls to Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary​

Mattel announced that they are re releasing the six original American Girl dolls to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary.

Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya will be available for purchase starting in May.

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The dolls will be in their original costumes and retail for $150.

Sources: 1,2
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I went to college with Pleasant Rowland's (who started AG) granddaughter and one day she was telling me about some little brat she went to elementary school with who invited her to a party and then told her to her face that she was only getting invited because she was the inspiration for Felicity.
I had no idea Pleasant Rowland created this brand. I just know that name cause she created "SuperKids" which was a reading program and I was always obsessed with the characters.
Yeah, AG is run by Mattel now apparently but it used to be run by The Pleasant Company which was Pleasant Rowland’s business.


3 days ago

They should honestly just keep them permanent. I'm tempted regarding Felicity. I had Samantha and Kit, but I'm a sucker for 1700s fashion.

I really enjoyed their Girls of Many Lands dolls too.
It blows my mind the original dolls were discontinued in the first place. The whole point of them when they began was to teach American history.
Matel fucking sucks
yeah they've kinda pushed away their historical dolls in favor of their "girl of the year" dolls and truly me dolls
Yup, it's total BS. Who gives a fuck about modern dolls and modern clothes anyway, 18th century outfits and such were so much more interesting too.
I'm having the same temptation regarding Felicity 😩
Those were good times. Simpler times. I enjoyed their software that you can write dialogues, scenes and stuff straight out of their books respectively. Like I wanted to make it connected with each other’s influences and impact in their next generation with them ~growing up~. Like there were Easter egg or something lol. That was just me. I liked Samantha, Addy, Molly and Josefina so much. It was fun. 9.5/10. Would do it over again as a kid
I’m sure I had one of the dolls; I think it was Samantha. I cannot remember how I ended up getting the CD software and am not sure if it came with the doll package with the books. I cannot remember omg.
Yes, I loved that computer game, lol
Ngl I always wanted to go to the American Girl store in NYC lol I have Samantha, Molly, and Kit and they're still in great condition. My aunt is like you should give them to your daughter someday I'm like uhh no these are MINE.


May 4 2021, 15:50:59 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 15:52:01 UTC

For my parents’ sake I’m glad I didn’t know about the dolls as a kid 😂 Bought one of the Samantha books every time I was on holiday in the States and adored them.
I still have my Samantha doll in a box somewhere. My husband discovered it while we were moving and he was like "I didn't know you had a creepy doll". HDU Samantha is not creepy!
I'm still not over the time I begged my parents for an AG doll for Christmas, wrote Santa a million letters, and then Christmas morning came and I got a MAGIC ATTIC CLUB doll instead.
I feel badly for both you and your parents but what on earth are magical attic dolls?
They were based off of a series of books and meant to be a cheaper rival to American Girl dolls. I had never heard of them.


May 4 2021, 16:11:24 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:11:39 UTC

Awwww sorry to hear that story

But also I legit loled when I googled magic attic club dolls. It’s like the time my mum bought me an unbranded tamagotchi instead of the Mickey Mouse one lol


4 days ago

oh nooooo :(
I loved the Magic Attic Club dolls!
omg I used to love the Magic Attic books and my mom steered me away from them and towards American Girl because they were educational. Still don't know why I couldn't have enjoyed both smh
aw i got a magic attic club doll at one point and loved her. but yeah no comparision to AG
I read the books and subscribed to the magazine but never owned the dolls bc my mom looked at the price and said no way in hell

I liked Samantha the best
Ah... memories of BEGGING my mom for a Felicity or Samantha doll and my mom being like "we don't have that kind of money".
This comment is my official apology to my mother for bothering her so much about wanting an American Girl doll when she was right. They ARE way too expensive.
My dad and I don't have a relationship anymore, but he was right not to get us a Furby
This was years and years ago but I had put my furby in the back of my closet after i grew out of it and 12 year old me was doing some spring cleaning and I accidentally touched it and it started speaking like ME HUNGRY very slowly as it was running out of battery and it was scary af. That thing is demonic


4 days ago

I had a baby Furby and for some reason I decided to clean it.....with bubbles, the kind that you blow with the wand.
Those things were absolute DEMONS. I wanted one so badly but it was so obnoxious and loud I ended up throwing it in my closet.

I did not deserve nice things as a child.
Everyone I knew had Samantha as their favorite but where's my Felicity, Addy, and Josefina stans at? They were my faves.

They were also largely responsible for my enduring love of history because I loved reading the books. My grandparents also took me to Williamsburg during one spring break to DC as a kid because of my Felicity love and we went on the American Girl tour where I took great pleasure in turning over my tea cup to stick it to the Brits lol.
Josefina is my fav!
Josefinas Christmas outfit was such a LEWK to little kid me lmao I also loved basically all of Felicitys outfits and her horse penny
i had felicity and looooved her. i mean i'm sure i still have her somewhere, i just don't know where. i always wanted josefina too but it was so much money to save up
I loved Felicity and Addy!
Josefina was my favorite, and i had her doll. I loved her hair so much.
yes Felicity was my fave when i was a kid!
Hell yeah, Felicity FTW! IMO she had a much more interesting story than Samantha, and was far more badass.

That was the doll I had, and when I brought her to Williamsburg the historical interpreters would greet her by name, lol.
ITA - I kinda always felt Samantha was a bystander to her own story and didn’t connect to her spoiled rich kid-ness. Also that trip sounds great!
That Josefina Montoya is my favorite. I'm Salvadoran, not Mexican, but I really really want to own her.


May 4 2021, 16:00:15 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:03:57 UTC

I haven't read the books since I was the appropriate age to read the books, so I don't know how completely they covered the history of the girls' time periods, but I do know that American Girl books were largely what got me so interested in history.

The parts in the back of the books that documented real life events that the fiction portrayed were always the highlights to me.

My favorites were definitely Addy, whose doll I BEGGED for and finally got, and Kirsten because I looked like her and because she traveled a whole ass ocean.

Young socialist me was also cool with Samantha later books as she tried to redistribute her wealth, and I liked Felicity then but I have a feeling I would hate her ass now. Molly just whined.
I mentioned this upthread but I had no idea about these dolls and all they entailed until very recently and I think it's so cool that they come with little history books and everything.

From what people mentioned it sounds like they weren't watered-down history books, either, and that's such a brilliant concept for a toy.


May 4 2021, 16:30:02 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:33:22 UTC

I'd love to reread the books again to see what I think of them as an adult, but yeah - they were definitely formative for me as a kid, and if I remember correctly, did not go out of their way to sugarcoat the uglier parts of American history. I also think they've employed advisory boards to help guide them, especially in the case of Addy and I believe Kaya(?) to tell their stories with accuracy.


4 days ago

Molly was SUCH a whiner.
Kirsten and Molly represent! They're still with my parents along with my Bitty Baby. When we helped my parents downsize a few years ago we discovered aaaall my old American Girl stuff and omg I was so goddamn spoiled. I had like every little accessory ever made for them. We got rid of some stuff but kept all the best ones and hopefully one day I'll have a kid who wants them.
Molly was my absolute favorite as a kid! I wanted everything to do with her.
i had a bitty baby, too! i barely played with my felicity - i just brushed her hair and changed her clothes and ~displayed her on my dresser. so she's in really good condition now. my bitty baby on the other hand - completely dirty/worn out. i would even go to the baby section of walmart and buy real baby supplies for it lol.
I had these two as well, because my mom loved them almost as much as me. She and I would sew new outfits for them, and my mom even helped me build and upholster a little couch for them to sit on. They were the perfect bonding experience for me and my mom, because there was enough history to get young nerd me interested after I completely refused to be invested in Barbie dolls like my mom wanted.
For sure the reason I had so much stuff for them was because my mom was obsessed too. She loooved all the miniature items. She stayed on hold with the Pleasant Company for like an hour one Christmas to get me two of the little teddy bears for my dolls when they were limiting it to one per customer because she insisted that I had two dolls and they couldn't share, lol
Fuck it, I'm buying some so my sister and I won't have to sit down and divvy them out.
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