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Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted about Inception, fans lose their shit in the replies

- ONTD favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently tweeted about Inception, particularly the moment where the character Eames (played by Tom Hardy) says to Arthur (played by JGL) the classic line “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

- Collectively, 2010 fandom were empowered by this recognition of the Arthur/Eames pairing as canon. From local stans to the infamous Aja, they all lost their shit in the replies and quotes.

- Despite the lack of recognizable pre-existing characters, Inception remains a fandom rarity in the amount of fic it spawned.


Were you ashamed of 2010 you who crushed on this man, ONTD? Do you still have fond feelings for Inception?

Do you have any fic recs?
Tags: celebrity social media, fandom / stan culture, fanfiction, joseph gordon levitt, slow news day

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I loved the movie at the time but had no idea there was fanfics.
I liked the fan vids where they used the audio with clips from other movies or TV shows.

omg i'm so mad i missed an inception post 😭 idc i love this movie. i think leo's screamy acting worked for this role and he fit in well as the leader of this ragtag team. his pairing with marion and their backstory is oddly underrated - they are so intense and tragic and considering they don't have many scenes together that aren't totally chaotic, I think both of them did a really good job of getting across the love that they had. also this is still one of my favorite film scores ever and it was robbed of the Oscar, the tsn score sucked bye
I agree so much. I found their relationship dynamic to be really great, and I think Marion and Leo sold it despite the off-the-wall-ness of the rest of the film. I'm pretty much always down for a heist movie, so I loved that Inception put a new twist on that genre.
ia!! ugh there was SUCH a good fic i read of them that I literally still look for from time to time but I have no idea where it is now, but it was from Mal's perspective, leading up to their anniversary in the hotel room and it was SO GOOD and i loved that the author seemed to get just how much depth that pairing really has. like as crazy and flashy as the movie is, every time I watch it I'm still so sad at the end when he's holding her and telling her that he has to let her go! and IA re: heist movies! I know people like to hate on this movie but tbh it's rare nowadays to get a cerebral blockbuster and i would take this over the stuff we get now any day
God I was so heavy in this fandom. To this day I think it's the best fandom I've ever been involved in. The level of fic was unmatched by anything else I've encountered. And though I did read and write a lot of Arthur/Eames, there was also so much good genfic in this fandom. Just heart eyes emoji. But it burned hot and fast. I remember being so sad when the lj fan community I was in shut down because there wasn't enough participation.

I still think this movie is visually stunning with one of the best movie scores ever. Marion Cotillard is horrifying and gorgeous as Mal. That shot of her glaring at them as they ride the elevator up is burned into my brain. Plus I adore Watanabe Ken and wish he'd gotten more mainstream success in the US.

While my JGL and Hardy crushes have abated at this point, I still think they both were at their peak for me in this movie, due in large part to the absolute suit porn that the costuming served us.
weren't there inception party posts on here or am i mixing that up wtih another movie
I liked Inception alot!
When I saw the movie, I never noticed any special chemistry between those two characters, so I never engaged with the fandom outside theories about the ending, and I feel like I missed out.
I love this movie so much, but I'm absolutely lost as to why it spawned so many fics?? Nothing about these characters was even remotely sexual to me. Not that all fics are sexual but most of them do focus on a romance and I'm like?? what did you see that I didn't?
I remember being so annoyed at Cillian's character's treatment.
One of the better things to come out of the 2010s.
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