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Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted about Inception, fans lose their shit in the replies

- ONTD favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently tweeted about Inception, particularly the moment where the character Eames (played by Tom Hardy) says to Arthur (played by JGL) the classic line “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

- Collectively, 2010 fandom were empowered by this recognition of the Arthur/Eames pairing as canon. From local stans to the infamous Aja, they all lost their shit in the replies and quotes.

- Despite the lack of recognizable pre-existing characters, Inception remains a fandom rarity in the amount of fic it spawned.


Were you ashamed of 2010 you who crushed on this man, ONTD? Do you still have fond feelings for Inception?

Do you have any fic recs?
Tags: celebrity social media, fandom / stan culture, fanfiction, joseph gordon levitt, slow news day

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Echoing everyone's sentiments that Inception was a GREAT fandom that spawned a lot of fun memes and quality fic-I still have Presque Vu bookmarked and revisit it every few years.
Presque Vu!!!! By rageprufrock, right? I used to read her from her Smallville days
Yep! I got into her through her Supernatural fics when they were first published.
I'm still kinda sad I never partook in the fandom and all the fanfic but I just didn't care for most of the characters that much lmao.
omg same bb I feel like this was clearly something that /should/ have been right up my alley but I just...never hopped on the train.
People will latch onto anything. I didn't even know there were Inception "stans".
If there are white men standing near each other, there are fanfics about them.
you are sadly correct
lol so true...Weren't there rumors or fanfic that Leonardo and Tom Hardy were hooking up?


2 weeks ago

LOL so many ships seem to start from 2 white male characters looking at each other 1 second longer than what most straight people think is acceptable.
I’ve never seen this movie, but I’m sure I dislike it.
I tried to like it but I'm the uncool kid cause I did not.
I could never get into the Inception fandom because women shipping and writing m/m porn is too much secondhand embarrassment for me.
I liked the fanfics more than the actual movie lol.
because fanfics elevate and make everything better lmao
arthur and eames are my true otp

i love them very dearly and their dynamics makes me *hearts eyes*
This movie pissed me off. A decade later ...still angry
Ahh such fond memories of being 16 and being so into this ship, I think I went to watch it after ONTD was raving about it. It's been fun to revisit in lockdown too.

I still love JGL even if I did have to mute his twitter because it gives me second hand embarrassment.
he can be so...corny sometimes? idk if that's the word i'm looking for, but yeah i get you!
He is of kind of... oblivious to the room sometimes. He's still Jewish bae though.
I haven't been really following his Twitter for the past 2 years or so but he used to mainly post about hitRECord challenges, has that changed?


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

i still love some JGL, i don't think that crush will ever go away. i just had a JGL movie marathon a couple of months ago and i've always enjoyed most of the projects he chose, especially in the mid-2000's. i enjoyed inception just fine, but i did not read any of the fanfic
jgl was really great during that period - he still was good after but ia, he was picking really good movies
Yeah first watch was 😟 Cillian😍but mostly😟

I always think about Morgan Freeman being asked about JGL and having nothing to say

this still KILLS me to this day!!!! it seems like he's taking himself less seriously lately, but i have no doubt they were OVER his shit filming that movie lmfaooooo

they were just like “yeah, yeah...” about him lmao
I implied JGL was cute driving home from this movie with my mom and she laughed at me.

I still think he's cute!
god this is still one of my favorite movies for the nostalgia alone, i joined tumblr at the height of inception mania and it was so much fun. i still revisit my arthur/eames bookmarks folder occasionally lmao they have some amazing fanfiction
I don't know why ONTD didn't/doesn't? like him but I remember him making some brainless comment about an actress that was along the lines of "Its rare when you meet an attractive woman who can also make you laugh" so I ain't fuckin with his q tip looking ass.
q-tip?! CRYING lmfaooooo
Pretty sure it was about Emily Blunt when they were doing promo for Looper.
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