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Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted about Inception, fans lose their shit in the replies

- ONTD favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently tweeted about Inception, particularly the moment where the character Eames (played by Tom Hardy) says to Arthur (played by JGL) the classic line “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

- Collectively, 2010 fandom were empowered by this recognition of the Arthur/Eames pairing as canon. From local stans to the infamous Aja, they all lost their shit in the replies and quotes.

- Despite the lack of recognizable pre-existing characters, Inception remains a fandom rarity in the amount of fic it spawned.


Were you ashamed of 2010 you who crushed on this man, ONTD? Do you still have fond feelings for Inception?

Do you have any fic recs?
Tags: celebrity social media, fandom / stan culture, fanfiction, joseph gordon levitt, slow news day

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I liked this movie, but had no idea it had such a dedicated fandom.
I remember really loving this movie when it came out, but like all Nolan films, it didn't leave much of an impression after. I have no desire to rewatch.
All but his early movies are all about suspense. They're such an adrenaline rush and once you know what happens, the thrill is gone and there's nothing else to sustain your interest.
My most vivid memory of this movie (other than the fandom) was seeing the trailer for the first time, and being so, so excited they were remaking Paprika for the west lol.
Lmao. This was such a fun movie.
Yea i was totally obsessed with this movie lol. I saw it 4 times in theaters. I'm so not ashamed of my crush on him back then. He was so cute. I still love Inception.
I've crushed on JGL since Angels in the Outfield.

I saw Inception once. It was good. Never felt the need to re-watch.
Inception fandom was peak JGL times!

Hands down my fave movie of all time.

Were you ashamed of 2010 you who crushed on this man, ONTD? Do you still have fond feelings for Inception?

Yes and yes. I actually found ONTD bc of him lol
lolll thats better than me. I think I found ONTD because of Heidi and Spencer.
I love this movie. I saw it two years later so I feel like I didn’t really get involved with the fandom at its peak but I really like it. The visuals are so good and “Time” is such a great piece of music.
that soundtrack is some of zimmer's best imo
Yeah!! It’s so epic
Oh man, this was still in my 'rent hard copy DVDs from Netflix phase'
I never shipped anyone from the movie, but this was the hottest Tom Hardy has ever been. Unf.
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I liked the movie, and loved JGL, but I somehow didn't realize this movie inspired shipping? lol. I haven't rewatched it in a while, and the last time I tried I was high and it was TOO MUCH... maybe I should try again soon!
i watched it high once and that hallway scene had me sick lmao
why did ontd stop loving him
Something about beautiful women not being funny blah blah blah, he apologized for years ago.
saw a picture of him
I think he said something about it being rare to work with someone funny and beautiful as a compliment to his co-star and people got mad that he was saying funny women weren't beautiful.
He disappeared.
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