deepsbluesea (deepsbluesea) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Mark Wahlberg Gained 20 Pounds in Just Three Weeks

Tags: fitness, mark wahlberg

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the 30lbs + body he has now is the body type I like on dudes. That being said, rebuking this pink diq voodoo.
saaaaame my fiance went from weight 200 to 250 (I like to cook too much for him lol) and he wants to get bakc down. he works out A LOT tho so now he has a similar body as marky mark (except far superior than that racist asshole) I don't wan him to lose!!
Can we just ban this violent racist? Everybody here hates him.
In this panini?
if i could quote scott steiner: "HE'S FAT!!"
Lmao give me a day bitch
ugly at all sizes
Did he gain a personality or a conscious?
You'll never be Christian Bale, Marky Mark.
die challenge
I hate him
🤢 absolutely the last thing I wanted to see today and forever
Lmao fuck him
opposite of beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
Omg the wit! 👍👍👍❤️❤️
ugly no matter the body
Please, put that shit under a cut, op. He's so gross.
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