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Andrew W.K. and Kat Dennings are dating

Tags: andrew w.k., kat dennings, music / musician, new couple alert

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She posted during lockdown about being in love but not seeing the person because of the pandemic, so I was wondering who she was dating, although I never would’ve guessed Andrew WK.
I think I only know him from those Vh1 pop culture shows in the mid 2000s. He always seemed funny and nice though, despite looking kind of smelly.

These PDA pics are a choice though. I get that it's good for some couples, but it is definitely not my cup of tea.
... okay. this kinda makes sense and idk why. okay.
i just remember him on all the vh1 commentary shows. he looks exactly the same but also way better??
Who is he?? I always had a crush on Kat though.
I'm glad I haven't heard of this guy then 😆

Party on for him and his fans but not my tempo
I randomly followed her over the pandemic and discovered we follow all the same escapist cottagecore/gardening instas lmao. She seems sweet and very into vegetable gardening so I'm glad this all appears above board and amiable re: him and his wife (ex-wife? primary partner? who knows)

He's...a lot cuter than I remember. Huh.
this oddly enough makes sense to me.
My thirst for this man will never die
But which one?
I dig it. My friend met Andrew WK back in the day and the way she described their interaction made him seem like a sweet prince so I’ve always thought of him fondly
May they Party hard together...
these comments are confusing me into thinking i should know who this man is...
Surprised this hasn't been posted yet, and may be relevant:

an unexpected but cute pairing. i like kat and andrew w.k. has always seemed chill, so i'm into this.

between the two of them i have a lot of hair envy, as i impatiently try to grow mine out.
so we're just not gonna talk about the length of her neck in that last pic??????
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