just444 (just444) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Andrew W.K. and Kat Dennings are dating

Tags: andrew w.k., kat dennings, music / musician, new couple alert

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He looks really good for his age but also echoing the he looks different. Like younger and better???? Wtf????
I always hear wholesome things about him. I guess you age well when you’re not a shitty human being
maybe he stopped doing so many drugs or smth lmao

(and took a few showers)
I was going to say he lost weight but I think is the Dicaprio effect, he just looks less bloated.
y'all am I trippin or did Andrew W.K. get a whole new face.
babalon is a hit
A man with long hair who also brushes it? Well I never
Why do I feel like he's good in bed????

I don't understand his long career. Does he have a small group of stans or something?
He likes to party.
People like to party.
He parties.
For many people, his concert will be one of the best they ever see. High energy, positive crowd, great performances. I've seen him twice and he was fantastic. He's not my top ten but I see tons of acts.
guess i'm alone in having never heard of this man before lol
i dont know this buff hozier either
Same. I feel like I'm in a parallel dimension or something. I thought my celeb knowledge was pretty good but the fact that he has a tag and I don't know him, phew.
ha same, I guess it's nice there are still things to discover!


4 months ago


4 months ago

I feel like I knew this already, and I have not thought of these two individually in 5+ years 🤔
She's a BEC for me. I think it's her voice and the fact that she always plays ~quirky~ when, come on.
in the last pic she looks like the evangelion asuka meme of "Pathetic" with her like ostrich neck there lmao
I hate other people's love but I'm into this
honestly, this checks out. the head of hair on their children will be amazing.
Good for them. I haven't thought about Andrew W.K in a hot minute.
her taste in men is so interesting lol

andrew's always seemed pretty chill tho, wonder what happened with his wife since they all still follow each other on insta… throuple or most amicable split ever?
Part of me wonders if they're just trolling lol. They both keep teasing some announcement on May 6th.


May 4 2021, 16:01:22 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:01:39 UTC

omg, like jon lovitz and that broad from 90210 however many years ago?? that would be fun lmao


4 months ago

I do wonder if this is a set up for a music video where they play a couple.
This is what I think. It feels like a marketing roll out


4 months ago

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