Kristen Bell on Dax Shepard, Pandemic Depression and Raising Anti-racist Children

  • She is the breadwinner in her marriage to Dax Shepard, and has no desire to coddle him about it. They also schedule sex and don't have a prenup.

  • She encouraged her kids to share their feelings but would remind them, "we have the luckiest life you have ever heard of. You have a swimming pool in your backyard."

  • Her mental health spiraled during the pandemic (she has experienced anxiety and depression since eighteen), resulting in her sobbing in bed until her husband confronted her. "Hey, real quick, are you helping anyone right now by sitting and crying in your bed, or are you just being self-indulgent? Either get up and donate money or donate your time or do something to help, or take that story in, give it some love, and come out here and be a good mom and a good wife and a good friend and live your life in honor of the suffering that happens in the world.’” Bell had an understandable response: “‘How dare you?’ But also, ‘You’re right.’”

  • She relied on pilates and CBD for coping, as well as knitting and puzzling. She also took a break from her "pod," which includes her Veronica Mars costar Ryan Hansen.

  • Speaking of Veronica Mars, she stands by the controversial reboot ending of killing off Veronica's longtime love Logan.
    "There’s only so long you can play out a love affair…and let me tell you, people were angry that we killed Logan. I’m still proud of the way that we did it. I thought we matured it. Same thing with Frozen II." Veronica Mars was not renewed for a season five.

  • After Dax's relapse on painkillers, he bought some drug tests and gives Kristen permission to test him whenever she wanted. When asked about smoking weed around Dax, she praises Shepard: “He’s just good at trying, and that’s all you can ask of anyone."

  • Bell and Shepard are united in a mission to raise socially conscious, antiracist kids in the privileged bubble of Hollywood. They've renamed hangman as fullman in their house to avoid lynching comparisons.

  • She feels lucky about not experiencing negativity in Hollywood and is happy people have found joy in her products during the pandemic.

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