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Spice Girls reportedly set to film sequel to ‘Spice World’

According to a 'film industry source', Spice Girls members Geri, Mel C, Mel B, and Emma have approached a screenwriter about making a sequel to their 1997 film Spice World. It would reportedly be to mark the 25th anniversary of the group.

“It is still in the early stages but they are talking to established names in the business, which proves they are taking a big screen comeback seriously,” said the source. Representatives for the group have decline to comment.

No word if former member Victoria is set to rejoin Spice Girls for the alleged film, but Mel C seems to think that Victoria is warming up to the idea.

Vic was the best part of the original!

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I'll never forget my non-self-aware 12/13 your old gay ass, stanning the fuck out of them and getting bullied and called a f*g. I really didn't care and got my damn LIFE at a midnight screening/first screening of the first movie. It was a packed theatre and I treated it like my own personal concert.

Such an innocent time for me, so I will forever stan them, their music and this movie.

I finally got to see them in NYC in 2008(23) and cried. Took me right back.
I feel you!
lmao I cried when I saw them in 2008 too, even though I also saw them in '98. Baby Spice saw me and smiled at me (I was in the second row).
So lucky! I wasn't close enough for eye contact, unfortunately 😕
A mockumentary about them making a new movie would be cool, they could reference all the gossip.
It's next to impossible to find Spice World on dvd :(
I went to eBay and immediately found it. Guess who's buying Spice World?!
Is it? My roommate and I bought it in college, probably the $5 bin at Walmart, and made our friend who had never seen it watch it.
i always loved that when they wore platform shoes, mel c was the same height as them with sneakers on lol


May 4 2021, 14:22:55 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 14:23:30 UTC

“I can’t run in these heels!”

I remember seeing SW in the theater with my friends. I hope this is true, it would be so fun.
I want a studio version of this, instead of album version

Hold onto your knickers, girls...
Omg I am ready for this. I actually got drunk at the weekend and when I got home I started watching Spice Girls videos on YT - I made it about halfway through Mama before crying. My boyfriend asked what was wrong and I just said "it's the nostalgia"
Lord don't let me have wine
also did anyone else go see this as the theatre? Do you remember that bit during the credits where they come up to the camera and go "you two at the back, stop kissing!" and "oh wow I love your dress" (or something of that nature?) 7 year old me genuinely thought they were talking to me, because I was wearing my new velvet dress LOL. I went to school the next day and told everyone that they complimented me. cute.
We had a re-run not so long ago in a small movie theatre, it was sold out in hours and you could buy wine on spot lol
I knew it by heart, girls sitting next to me kept on rolling eyes, but I didn't care. I had enough wine not to care and sing a long. It was amazing. Then they played all their albums at the bar. What a great evening!
victoria is amazing and has to be in it.. her moving to LA show was so funny it was staged but so so funny
Sequels to iconic films can be shite but imma be there front row on opening day, blasted out of my mind.
not gonna be the same if victoria's there, imo. she was always my fave when i was younger as i looked like her somewhat, i used to have short brown hair as a kid and i was always so serious lol but that was where the comparisons ended. (i now have long brown hair and give much less fucks than i did back then!)

one of my favourite parts of the movie was when she said 'hold onto your knickers, girls!!!'
is hugh laurie gonna be in this for 10 seconds again?
I'll always remember the men in purple buttless tuxedos. Traumatizing.

for some reason I've always loved this song and performance in the movie.
weren't there hot sailors at some point too?
the background dancers were hot sailors at first, and the girls and their manager weren’t into it. manager got into an argument with the show director and geri told them to compromise. the compromise was the assless costumes lol
This scene was formative for my sexuality... unfortunately.
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