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CONAN on TBS to end June 24th

After eleven years, CONAN will come to an end on June 24th.

No date has been set yet for Conan's forthcoming HBO show.

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Good riddance
Truly an end of an era.
Damn it's been 11 years since the whole tonight show fiasco?

I hope they have steven yeun back. I really like his segments with conan.
He really needs to have him and Timothy Olyphant back before the show ends.
I also have a burning need for one more Bill Hader interview

This is one of my all time favorites. The story about the woman who essentially insults them both lmao.
this is where we wanna be
wanna be
wanna be
Steven was on about two weeks ago!
It’s hard to believe all that stuff with the Tonight Show even happened. NBC made so many bad decisions at that time.
Wow, it's been 11 years!!! I grew up on Conan and his Late Night, then followed him throughout the Tonight Show and the whole NBC ordeal right to TBS. I haven't watched him in years though. Tbh I've gotten tired of the late night formula and his creepy approach towards female guests (which I thought was hilarious as a kid 🤡). With that said, Conan is a very smart and funny guy and always been one step ahead of the late night pack. His remotes have always been hilarious and I wish him good luck on his HBO Max journey.
Still mad about the tonight show fiasco, Conan should be the #1 late night show host today. Him and Seth are the only good ones, the rest are obnoxious trash.
Late Night was the best. I was in college and Comedy Central would repeat it. Such weird humor, he had to change it once he took over from Jay Leno. Those Late Night years were my favorite.
Late Night was such a huge part of my youth. I loved that they would just do whatever the fuck and it if it worked, it worked. They really said "Let's just do S&M Abe Lincoln and see what happens" lmao
Enjoyed a lot of the specials on his shows (like going to SK with Steven Yeun), but his interactions with female guests on his shows usually creeped me out.
He needs to grow the beard tbh
Paul Rudd should be on the last show and introduce an exclusive clip of antman 3

I loved him pre-Tonight Show (writers strike era was chaotic goodness), I didnt love him under the constraints of Tonight Show (sucked out his weirdness) but the end where he stopped giving a shit was great. I didn't love the half hour but I also really stopped caring about celeb interviews once I hit a certain age. I'll watch those with actors/people I care about but to just sit and watch it every day regardless of who was on just isnt my thing anymore.

because it needs to be said each time - fuck jay leno
So fucked up that this is going off the air while Jimmy Fallon has the Tonight Show?! Showbiz is weird, man.

Conan is hands down the most talented, naturally funny late-night talk show around.
His podcast is hilarious.
he needs to have nicole byer on one more time
I remember when conan started the segment on his old show in which he was talking crap about countries and someone from finland send a Nokia tyres card with the word Perkele! before conan even got to finland in his segment. And then he found out that his show was popular in Finland which eventually lead to his trip to Finland which was funny as hell
really, any of his remotes

when he went to the Canadian border

when he delivered food in NYC

playing old time baseball

also loved the ring spinning saga

Old time baseball is a classic

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