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CONAN on TBS to end June 24th

After eleven years, CONAN will come to an end on June 24th.

No date has been set yet for Conan's forthcoming HBO show.

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I love his interviews with Aubrey Plaza. He can match her chaotic energy and timing well. Also, his podcast has gotten me through many a boring work day.
Damn I remember when the show started and the “Im with Coco” campaign. I can’t believe 2010 was 11 years ago
I still have my I'm with Coco" t-shirt I got during that time. And this icon lmao.

Same, but it's been relegated to a grass-cutting/outdoor shirt because my mom accidentally splashed bleach on it years ago 😄

good I hate his gross ass face. The two things I remember about his "comedy" are the time when an attractive guest came out and he pretended to have a boner under his desk, and the time when he released all those clips playing video games with certain guests and always acted like a fucking buffoon like he was doing the nerdiest thing on the planet. He treats his female guests so badly and people just give him a free pass on that shit. That interview with Olivia Munn where she's the only woman and they immediately direct the conversation to be sexual. bleh
He and Timothy Olyphant need to continue doing things even after the show ends. Their chemistry is awesome and hilarious.
I recently listened to his episode in Nicole Byer's podcast and it was really nice. I really like him. Looking forward to his HBO show, and ofc his own podcast lol.
omg how did I not know Nicole Byer has a podcast?

It's called "Why Won't You Date Me" and she explores sex, rships, and her own lack of a boyfriend (she reads out her dating apps, it's hilarious). It was recently made part of Conan's podcast network and that's why he was in it.


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I love his interviews with Christopher Walken, they are hilarious.


May 4 2021, 15:18:29 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 15:19:04 UTC

GOOD im really glad. Dont get how jay leno was hated here and not this tool especially after watching that video were he harasses Asian women on his trip. His existence makes me uncomfortable af
Dont get how jay leno was hated here and not this tool....
Leno gets crap for agreeing to do that 10PM show NBC offered him, but he saw it as giving work to the 300 (give or take) people who help put on the show 5 nights a week.
The NBC suits who were involved in that whole mess do not get enough of the blame.
I legit thought he was done with TBS since he started the podcast.
While I haven't really watched Conan since the Tonight Show mess, I have a huge soft spot for him and his Late Night run. I feel like I grew up with it and I remember going to sleep with it playing. It was amazing for teen me.
I recently finished The War for Late Night and boy, it made me develop a newfound respect for Conan. I may not agree with him on some of his choices, he seems like oneof the only honest dudes in the skeeviest industry, and I respect the hell out of him for it. I wonder what he’s going to now.
i haven't watched in years but i'll always have a soft spot for conan, his late night run was iconically offbeat and funny and super formative for me. hopefully hbo will let him be weird again lol, i'll check out whatever he does for them if so

My fun Conan fact is that I am friends with his cousin. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got lol. But I love Conan and will miss all the Conan/Jordan fiascos.

I haven't watched the show in years but I love his podcast.
It truly shows the growth I have had over the past 11 years. To think I was up in arms over a white man not getting a network tv hosting job. 😂

Leno and Letterman were hot garbage so my insomniac ass was really wanted to see things go in a more fresh direction. I have pretty much never watched the TBS show though.


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