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Wonho gets a body scan and a massage + how old is he really?!

On several profiles and offically Wonho is stated to be born on 1st of March 1993 during the video when he is getting a scan, his birth date is visible showing that he was born a year earlier on 1st of March 1992.

No biggie right? A major thing that some fans are worried about if it is true that he was born in 1992 it would mean he would have to enlist into the military this year (Korean has conscription, all men have to conscript by the time they are 28)

Fans have noted that on previous occasians, Monsta X (Wonho's former group) member Shownu has called him 'hyung' (a korean term for what one man would call other male that is older, think Older Brother) but Shownu is listed as the oldest of the group.

Wonho was also the original leader of Monsta X before a last minute change.

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My god those arms and I am usually more the Latin Leche kind of guy
Is that his arm???

Op, your dedication is unmatched.
Wonho's team should at the very least send them a swag bag or something for thier dedication
Honestly. I know nothing about this man or his former brand, but I know he's thic and tall thanks to op.

If we do most dedicated stans for ontd, hellicoptajuice would obviously make the list of nominees!!
Taking a page from Hilary Duff’s team who sent cookies or whatever to the person who posted those annoying walking posts of her here


4 months ago


4 months ago

o is swagbag what theyre calling cumloads nowadays?


4 months ago

thanks sis


4 months ago


4 months ago

Oh does that mean he'll be announcing he's going to the army soonish :(

I want to get a body scan and a massage. That was pretty interesting though i didn't understand most of it.

So I'm not that much of an aspiring cougar, good.
Why would he lie about his age? Does this mean he has to enlist now?

I think I answered my own question if its true lol
i think it was for when MX was debutting, they mightve made him a year younger so Shownu fitted the 'oldest is the leader' trope.
Hmm i guess that makes sense tho considering my fave isn't even the oldest of his group idk but whatever works 🤷‍♀️

Tho ngl I thought he was the leader when I first got into MX so it was a surprise. Shownu is great tho. I wouldn't change it.
There are groups where the leader isn't the oldest, EXO's Suho , BTS' RM , Twice's Jihyo , and I'm sure there are more so i don't get the decision

Anyway Shownu is a good leader but i do wonder if that means Wonho has to enlist soon, he is already 29 yo!
Many idols lie about their age, it's not that uncommon.
I think another group under starship changed the ages of their members too. It’s what starship does, I guess.
He’s a snack and that full body scan thing looks cool
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I would happily analyze his body.
god he's thick. also i love his dumb laugh lmao sometimes he sounds so goofy
A lot more flesh in the KPop realm recently, especially among the men. So in 3 years or so will the 3rd tier KPop band members have Only Fans? It seems inevitable.
lmao porn showing genitals is still banned in korea so seems unlikely
I want him to fill me with his seed so bad I want to have a cum stigmata.
he is so fine
Those firm buns
I want to massage that b*ssy


May 4 2021, 15:59:17 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 16:00:31 UTC

It's been rumoured for years that he's actually a 92er and the oldest. I thought that was common knowledge among his fans... Iirc Shownu also apparently changed his birthdate.

edit: But it doesn't matter if he's 28 or 29, he's still a snack.
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