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New Trailer for 'Loki' aired during the latest NBA Game.

- A brand new trailer for Loki aired during the latest NBA Game.
- 'Loki' premieres June 11 on Disney+

Tags: marvel, television - disney+, the avengers, tom hiddleston

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I never got the Loki hype but I'm excited for this.
i hope loki's first gig as a time corrector is to drag steve's ass back from the 40's. why does he get to break time and loki gets arrested for it?
I think the performances look great, like Hiddles will never give less than a 100% for Loki and I appreciate it. But I’m just not excited for this. I loved Ragnarok-Loki and the way his character developed over the years but I hated The Avengers-Loki. Also I loved the Thor/Loki brotherly relationship and I thought that was vital to Loki’s growth.

Also I fucking hate the concept of having to fix the timelines bc then all the conversation about this show in fan spaces will be about picking at minor inconsistencies and like all these freaking theories that they hype up for six weeks and then bitch about when it doesn’t come true
i've already seen people on reddit speculate that this show will have a kang cameo and i'm like this is gonna be the next mephisto/wolverine/whatever and these people are gonna bitch when he doesn't show up lol
I just love that Owen Wilson is in this
I would tbh, but sometimes he seems like he might cry afterwards and I don't like cuddling with people so I feel like I'd have to kick him out immediately. Make him go make me breakfast like that bizarre commercial.
any time travel show makes me think of this bit about a time travel costume dept (still don't know how to embed YT videos)
I’m actually really excited for this!
I still have to watch the last two eps of TFATWS...I got bored, I guess. I wish it had mostly been just Sam, Bucky and maybe Zemo interacting.
Excited for Owen Wilson, never really cared for Loki one way or the other.

I'll watch it like all the other things
I cancelled my Disney+ subscription after Wandavision ended. Disney's gonna get my money again next month smh
Watching this and with the black hair and the pale face I had the dark-sided thought that if they ever rebooted ST:TNG he might be able to play Data. Brent Spiner sweetie I'm so sorry.
gurl you’re 10 years too late tumblr was on it during the first Thor movie

I keep thinking Owen Wilson is John Slattery and get confused
The trailers have been fun so I think it’ll be good, wandavision’s trailers didn’t let me down (much) and fatws trailers were only good for stackie and so was the the show.
The more I see, the more excited I get.
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