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Heels | Official Teaser | STARZ

In this life you’re either the hero or the heel. Inferior Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig star in Heels, premiering August 15 on STARZ.

Tags: actor / actress, television - starz, who asked for this

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so is this gonna deal with the whole kayfabe issue or nah?

idk if I'll watch or not, i love wrestling stuff but i'm way to bitter over glow's cancellation and i don't think lesser amell could act his way out of a paper bag. he has a lower card presence at best lol.
i don't think lesser amell could act his way out of a paper bag.

not even a soggy one
I’m still convinced that glow was cancelled over that letter from the cast...
That the higher ups at Netflix were just waiting for a reason and that the demands these women made pushed them over the edge due to it probably costing them more money on top of the new covid price hikes


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago

ugh this makes me miss dark side of the ring
it's coming back May 6th!
Eaux. I thought this was gonna be some gay wrestler series ala nick jonass. Was hoping to see Will Forte or whoever this is get dick downed.

Oh well. Pass.
LOL I legit thought the same thing. But then it was like, aw that kinda heel :(
If this is successful while GLOW was pretty much ignored, I'm gonna have words with people
its on starz youll be fine
Came here just to say to give me the 3rd season of Glow instead lol
I really thought this was going to be about heels, like men and high heels I dunno why I just jumped to that conclusion.
I did too and now I’m not interested


May 4 2021, 03:43:14 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 03:44:14 UTC

NGL, I did too and went on to have a full daydream about the one in the black vest making the Blonde guy walk around in heels whenever he lost a fight and was like yay! Since that's not happening it's a no from me.
that's called Kinky Boots
I did too and I don’t want what this is. Not that I want to see a show about Stephen Amnl in heels
Same lol
I find the profession interesting, so hopefully this is good.
i miss glow 😔
Lol remember his stupid brother talking about Miley like she was some kind of abomination

And it wasn’t Robbie, it was him, Stephen.

I knew it was Stephen but I thought robbie and Stephen were brothers
Cool. I’m not the target audience for this.
Alexander Ludwig, let me suck your cock!!
I'm still upset about Glow
rly hoping they finish something off sooner than later.
the trailer park
I knew you were gonna comment with this when I saw your notification. 😂😂
i thought this was about shoes
i can't tell if i'm supposed to take this seriously or not lol
The other brother is so much hotter.
Oops! My bad. That does explain some things, though.
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