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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Heels | Official Teaser | STARZ

In this life you’re either the hero or the heel. Inferior Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig star in Heels, premiering August 15 on STARZ.

Tags: actor / actress, television - starz, who asked for this

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Stephens smug face is already enough for me in that preview imagine

Deleted comment

This looks like a super lame wrestling version of Cobra Kai
Nah this show looks like it's taking itself way too seriously compared to Cobra Kai
i looked at the thumbnail and thought it was gonna be something gay, disappointed
Alexander Ludwig is so hot but that long hair on him is an abomination.

And add me to the chorus of people who miss GLOW. I don’t know if it was ever posted on here, but I think Sydelle Noel posted a behind the scenes video from when they started filming the new season and they were doing the raps!!! I’m so upset we’ll never get to see it.
so not footwear? Pass.
[Spoiler (click to open)]Also not loser-gets-topped like Naked Kombat had? Big pass!
Alexander Ludwig with more bad hair. I'm sure he thought he'd escaped it after Vikings....

The trailer is just making me miss Glow.
Amell is nice to look at. That's all. But i don't need him back on my screen, he's annoying.
I have absolutely zero interest in things like that.
If this was titled Jobbers, maybe...
I just really dried up watching this trailer so I don't think I'll ever watch it.
Why is Stephen Amell?
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