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Britney Spears Slams "Hypocritical" Documentaries' Portrayal of Her Life's "Traumatizing Times"

Since Framing Britney Spears premiered on Hulu earlier this year, there have been quite a few documentaries about Britney Spears in the works — a phenomenon that's also sparked a debate about exploitation.

Britney herself has taken to Instagram to weigh in.

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i think it's pretty cute/funny that she's basically uses IG like a mom would, my mom uses less emojis bc she's professional a lot of her posts have the same energy

i can also understand why she would feel this way, esp since these seem to be unauthorized docs?
idk. are we supposed to believe she has no control over her life, but is free to post on IG unchecked?

i'm very interested in what she will say in court.
She's right, a lot of the #FreeBritney movement and the documentaries coming out just feel like a "woke" version of the way the public and media treated her in 2007 and 2008, under the guise that they "care" about her. It's still very dehumanizing and exploitative. People need to leave her alone and I hope the conservatorship stuff works out for her in the end.
i'm just glad to know she gets her day in court
i want only GREAT things for miss britney jean <3
Whatever's happening, I just hope she's happy. I'd love for her to actually get that magazine cover. It'd be cute if she did a collab with Martha!
I wonder when the #freebritney movement is going to accept that they have a lot in common with Britney’s father. Stop treating this forty year old woman like a fucking child who is incapable of thinking for herself. Questioning the validity of her post because it doesn’t support your theory is incredibly dehumanizing.
reading this gave me a headache tbh! but i really do feel like everyone needs to pull a chris crocker and leave her the fuck alone.
I couldn't make it through the caption so my comment instead is that she still rolls her Soffe shorts twice. She has obviously been through a lot and people should really just leave her the hell alone. These several documentaries that have been announced just seem exploitative and harmful so I understand why she wouldn't be on board with them. I also get an Amanda Bynes vibe from these dancing videos and I hope she's not going through the mental health issues that AB has.
I too still roll my shorts twice lol
lol what is the point of that


3 days ago


3 days ago


3 days ago

does brit cuss on IG? lol that threw me
Yeah... lol. And she does quite a bit on 'Glory,' too.
God, I feel terrible for Britney. Not just because of the conservatorship situation, but because of how her own damn fans are treating her. Can you IMAGINE people, the same people who claim to support you, relentlessly claiming your words are not yours? That someone is going undercover and speaking on your behalf? I don't know about y'all, but that would quite possibly literally drive me insane. I would feel so fucking trapped and isolated and gaslit and... holy shit, I feel so bad for her and I hope, someway, somehow, she gets peace away from all this bullshit.
the poor woman has to explain herself all the time. her Instagram is basically her fans asking for "proof" of everything she does ????
It's disturbing how people from all sides are essentially treating her like their own puppet. If she doesn't say what they think she should, it's suddenly a conspiracy. I dread the day Britney decides she's done with singing and performing, should that day come, because you just know people are going to claim she's making that decision against her will. Even if Britney attains complete freedom, she's going to have people questioning her words and decisions for the rest of her life now.


3 days ago

it's also just straight up ableism from people claiming to fight it. i mean whether this is britney's "real post" or not, there's nothing about the content that makes it worth it to deny it the way they're doing. she's posting about a bunch of documentaries she didn't authorize about a traumatic time in her life, if you think there are things to learn from them then just watch them in silence. they don't need to be a ~cultural zeitgeist~ bc as it stands britney is going to have her day in court.
lol yes that first page was so confusing bc I don’t see what about her thoughts here are so unbelievable?

I know tons of people who’d be embarrassed about having their worst moments rehashed for the world even if everyone was on their side.

like one doc ok I guess but the 30 that are now on the slate I am not surprised she is trying to nip that in the bud. lots of people who’ve had bad things happen to them talk about not wanting to be seen as a victim so I get it.
Her Instagram is so weird, she has to explain herself all the time and the fans never believe its her...they ask for videos of her...then they ask for explanations and when she posts them they say "this is not Britney"...ummmm OK? at this point they just want to believe all the conspiracy theories . We will never know what's happening. But it's clear to me Britney suffers from some type of anxiety and she is not the same she was years ago, she went through a lot of shit and I hope she finds peace
Oh for sure, at the anxiety thing. It has been super present and noticeable since THAT VMA performance and what all happened in and around that time.

For anyone with extreme cases of anxiety or that have dealt with it, it has been super obvious. At least to me.
I have no opinion either way on this, but she never actually talks in her posts it's just in the caption. And most celebrities do have someone that posts their content for them. But her not actually speaking out loud what she posts in the caption could very well be anxiety.

So idk. I don't really feel like there's anything to believe that isn't her posting though, and I hope she gets to say everything she needs to say in court.
I'm torn, honestly. The main reason I'm torn about whether it's actually her writing this is because it's literally in court documents that she appreciates the support from her fans, and her own boyfriend was stopped by paparazzi and implied she was happy with it.
I truly think if she were actually having those feelings, she would say something. I try not to be a conspiracy theorist because I realize how crazy all of it is, but I also try not to buy into the narrative her team is selling. She doesn't want to work, she doesn't want to put music out, but she's on social media promoting her music?
'She' writes that she doesn't like being portrayed as a victim, but her court documents state that she's happy about the support of her fans (without mentioning FreeBritney by name)?
I'm not on board with all of these documentaries making $$ off her and just spinning her trauma for a buck. I truly hate all of it, and people like Jordan Miller who make money off her while claiming to be the "original Free Britney" person make me sick.

But I feel like we're all committing to an assumption by fully believing OR not believing her posts. I choose to be skeptical until I hear it from her mouth. The only thing she's said is "I'm fine. I'm ok." She's never, ever said anything out of her own mouth about the things people are saying online. They're posting videos of her dancing that have zero to do with her captions, and they're posting videos of her answering "fan questions." I have literally scrolled through her comments on SO MANY of her photos, and these are not questions people are asking.

It's not sinister that she has a social media manager who posts/monitors her IG--most celebrities do. I just think it's odd that she only makes outspoken comments like that in her captions (that seem to be trying really hard with tons of emojis), despite having the option to shut ALL of it down by recording a video for 15 seconds.

I guess my VERY long-winded comment is meant to say: I choose to remain undecided at this point. We'll see what she says in June, and what happens. But I think anyone who commits 100% to believing Britney is or isn't responsible for these messages is JUST as presumptuous as the other.
This is exactly where I'm at too
I’ve said this before on one thread or another, but “I appreciate love and support from my fans” is not in any way mutually exclusive with “I don’t like all this focus on my past traumas or the way I’m being portrayed in media.” I get why people are generally cautious of her socials at the moment, but the FB movement is treating it as if it’s OMG so implausible when it’s as easily true as not. I think because they treated the comment in the court docs as a blanket approval, in the process made a pretty anodyne statement do a lot of heavy lifting, and if you accept it possible that she has a problem with the way she’s being portrayed you have to accept the fandom’s role in it
I totally agree. I can see what people are saying here about fans are reading into it what they want Britney to be feeling, but it’s also true that her lawyers have released statements saying that she no longer wants the conservatorship to be kept as a family secret by her father, that she welcomes the scrutiny from the fans. It seems odd therefore that she would apparently object so strongly to the documentaries when they’re basically questioning what’s going on with the conservatorship, it’s really more in her father’s interest and her teams interest to claim that Britney doesn’t want all of this focus on her traumatic times from ages ago, even though the discussions around the conservatorship are still very relevant to her

And yeah I also wonder why not just release a video with her own words clearly stating that she’s in control of her Instagram if she’s so bothered by people saying that she’s not, instead it’s always just random dancing videos that have nothing to do with the written text
Exactly. It seemed kind of strange to me that the post never even came close to mentioning the conservatorship. Like that’s what is literally behind the issues right now and it was never even brought up, good or bad.
"It seems odd therefore that she would apparently object so strongly to the documentaries when they’re basically questioning what’s going on with the conservatorship"

I don't really feel like the docs do that in an honest or serious way
This is exactly how I feel.
Shoutout to ppl who love emojis 💕💕💕

There are dozens of us!!
There are so many posts here that act like they are doing Britney a service by bringing to light people who are doing her wrong but really just feel like they are exploiting her past traumas for the drama of it all and it makes me uncomfortable.
omg just let her make her cray instagrams and leave har alone
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