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Sex and the city reboot to add six new friends to show

“Execs are adding six new friends to their friend group and three of those new characters will be series regulars, and they will be portrayed by non-white women.”

Ontd, does this make you want to watch the show more than you did before?

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May 4 2021, 16:35:08 UTC 1 month ago

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hahahaha well. she has always been a little crazy, into a lot of conspiracy theories and anti-vax, but we liked her so much we just rolled our eyes at it and stayed friends with her. in the past six months though, she has gotten involved with some weirdo online, kicked her husband out, and is trying to claim he's a terrible father so that she can take the kids away from him to leave the country and be with her internet boyfriend. she's telling their five year old all this horrible shit about his dad. her husband is like, so nice and so passive and has supported all her bullshit throughout their marriage and she's totally railroading him now. i thought she was having a mental health incident at first but now i'm wonder if she's just a narcissistic sociopath.


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