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Sex and the city reboot to add six new friends to show

“Execs are adding six new friends to their friend group and three of those new characters will be series regulars, and they will be portrayed by non-white women.”

Ontd, does this make you want to watch the show more than you did before?

Tags: sarah jessica parker / sex and the city, television - hbo

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who fucking ASKED for this


May 4 2021, 01:15:47 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:16:16 UTC

with every announcement i’m less interested in watching!!
when we asked the dems to pack the supreme court, this is not what we meant
lol like when their idea of "diversity" in the first movie was casting jennifer hudson as the help? keep this dusty series in the 90s bitch
And then gave her that ugly ass Louis Vuitton purse.
Me thinking about that purse
Carrie Bradshaw is a menace to society for that handbag if for nothing else
what are you talking about?! this bag is honestly stunning


2 months ago


2 months ago

It's not believable that these women would have organically developed relationships with women of color.
Who has that many friends?
Ramona Singer
But - “they will be portrayed by non-white women.”
Turtle time 🐢💨💨
I was actually thinking about that

I feel like women in their fifties usually have a very small circle of friends by that point in their life and then after they retire it might get bigger

But who can never be sure


2 months ago

Meghan McCain
They need six new women to equal one Samantha.

"Bipoc friends??! But...I don't have the right shoes for that!"

I mean I still can't believe they tried to make us believe that 3 people were willing to put up with Carrie's bullshit let alone 6
Also they spent 6 seasons and 2 movies showing us how the OG 4 were each other's true soul mates and now all of a sudden they're just gonna throw a bunch of Poochies in there?
I'd watch if every episode were the 6 talking shit about Carrie as soon as she left the room.
I’m kinda excited for this
I feel bad because if this is Starr and her mom, her mom is a cunt. The mom yelled at the girl for eating a lot even though the mom was the one who was eating like she didn't have manners.
That's a pretty large group of friends.
I have never seen this show.

And no.
Neither have I.

It's like Frozen. I've never seen it, but I hate it.

No one wants this.
I mean...not that it's impossible, but who makes new friends in their 50s? (I may or may not be a salty 31 year old who feels like it's so hard to make friends now)
Um, lots of people? Some of you have a very weird idea of what 40-60 year olds are actually doing...we're not sitting at home waiting to die, you know.
I don't think you're sitting at home waiting to die.

Maybe it's because I'm introverted +/- the effects of the last year. Maybe it's because I have few people I consider actual friends. I just think it's hard. At least it would be for me.


2 months ago

I'm in my early 30s and my parents are in their early 60s and honestly have a more active social life than me.

When bars shut down, they were SIGNIFICANTLY more upset than me and they've made a ton of new friends in the past few years.

But they're both pretty extroverted and have more flexible work schedules than me. I think a lot of people don't realize if you don't put yourself out there, you're not going to make new friends.


2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago

My mom is in her 70s and always makes new friends...she even made one during COVID lol


2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago

I'd only watch if Jennifer Hudson comes back and throws that ugly purse at Carrie
9 person friend group? ok

can we just write more original shows and movies please lol
Fucking hell, THIS...

I'm SO sick of remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels... you can't tell me there isn't any good original ideas out there for tv/film or a forest of books that are good stories to tell visually.

there are sooooo many good ideas out there and people who could potentially be great writers but they aren't given chances :/
TECHNICALLY I'm in a group a similar size, but it's rare we all hang out together because good luck getting that many people free at the same day and time lol. Usually a date is floated and maybe a random combination of maybe 4 can make it. But I bet they'll expect us to believe that this nine adults schedules allow them to do EVERYTHING together and also to have enough money from these weirdly flexible jobs to live in cute loft apartments or wtvr.
i was rolling my eyes down the street at the original three just up and "no longer being friends" with samantha when that bs was announced... but in the last month i went through an insane friend breakup with one of my best friends and all of our mutual friends are dumping her too. it's so traumatic and horrible and worse than any romantic relationship ending. so now i'm even more disgusted that hbo is just trying to make this some lighthearted get together with the remaining friend group, not even mentioning samantha, and suddenly adding six POC to their posse. really?

I’m so sorry. I completely agree with you and have been there too. Friendship break ups absolutely rip your heart out.


What did she do, girl?
hahahaha well. she has always been a little crazy, into a lot of conspiracy theories and anti-vax, but we liked her so much we just rolled our eyes at it and stayed friends with her. in the past six months though, she has gotten involved with some weirdo online, kicked her husband out, and is trying to claim he's a terrible father so that she can take the kids away from him to leave the country and be with her internet boyfriend. she's telling their five year old all this horrible shit about his dad. her husband is like, so nice and so passive and has supported all her bullshit throughout their marriage and she's totally railroading him now. i thought she was having a mental health incident at first but now i'm wonder if she's just a narcissistic sociopath.
friendship breakups are awful. I've been through a few.


2 months ago

I went through this a few years ago, and it was super rough, no matter how justified. Wishing you peace and space for healing
and then they phase out the more expensive actresses and continue the show without them?
Honestly, when I first heard this I thought the idea of basically doing a soft reboot with new people this way would work.

Like... Make Carrie an editor and give sex and the city to a younger woman, make them butt heads and poke fun at how out of touch Carrie was when it came to sex. Give Miranda a younger lawyer that she takes under her wing because she sees herself in her. Give Charlotte a young nanny who got the job because Harry's personal assistant is her BFF. Make these four young women become friends, then phase out the older ones so the show has them on, but like... once every four episodes or something Miranda will go get lunch with her protégé or Carrie's replacement would have a meeting with her or Charlotte would need her for an overnight while her and harry go to some art show thing in Miami.
I love that!
This sounds like a really good idea. The Degrassi TNG did something similar and it worked out nicely because us viewers who watched the OG Degrassi got to see our favs grown up with kids of their own and the new generation had their favs from the new crew.


2 months ago

I don't hate this idea, but also why not just create a new show
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