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Sex and the city reboot to add six new friends to show

“Execs are adding six new friends to their friend group and three of those new characters will be series regulars, and they will be portrayed by non-white women.”

Ontd, does this make you want to watch the show more than you did before?

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Imagine fitting all nine of them in a slow-no power strut

And Carrie Bradshaw being friends with BIPOC who aren’t on her payroll is just unrealistic
"Have you met my Black Friend? They're also nonbinary!"
I'm just laughing.
So let me get this straight.
In this reboot, Samantha will be off somewhere else, and the Core Three will still be hanging out along with their six shoehorned BIPOC friends. Brady and the floral girls will all be teens and Carrie will be their wacky aunt who doesn't know what TikTok is. Big will either be dead or in prison for fraud and Aiden, the potato we already established was completely fortunate to escape marital hell with Carrie, will suddenly turn up for the drama, perhaps divorced, perhaps with a conveniently dead wife and giant teenage child/ren off somewhere else.

Still going to watch it. But it sounds awful.
And they will have one line each and one gif-able moment
God if they have to revive this why can’t they do it with a completely new cast who are in their actual 30s. Like millennial Sex and the City.

Carrie can be a freelance writer and part time influencer, Miranda can be a lawyer who works for a nonprofit and is involved in activism/politics, Samantha is a social media/PR manager and is on Raya all the time and Charlotte still works in an art gallery. And there should be some POC/LGBT representation.
I feel like even if they did make a SATC with women who are in their 30's now they'll be cringey stereotypes and it'll be all talk about tinder profiles and we'll have text message bubbles on the screen because that's what dating is now. Part of the charm and nostalgia of the original show was the fact that dating was done pre-social media, I always find when shows try to portray social media now it feels so "hello fellow kids" lol Look at Emily in Paris, it's created by Darren Star who created SATC and it's absolute shit.
Yeah that’s true. Emily in Paris was a disaster! It was so clearly written by a boomer. I do think there are shows that use social media well like Younger and Jane the Virgin but it’s rare. I guess I am just tired of the original cast doing this so if they want a reboot they might as well go with a fresh new cast like Gossip Girl. The whole premise of Sex and the City was these single women in their 30s in nyc, it’s so stupid if they’re approaching retirement.
lol yes it will be exactly like Younger.
These new friends though, will Carrie pull the shit she does on the original 3?
I think the only way the reboot could be actually good is literally if it was just an analysis of how fucked up carrie was (ie her in therapy) and a post-mortem of her obvious falling out with each of the girls. like it needs to be the "carrie is and always has been an asshole" season of reckoning.
So it’s a updated version of sex and the city with new friends?
With every update of news about this revival, I'm disappointed lol I love SATC (the tv show the movies are not canon to me lol) and watch it yearly at least once but a show without Big and Samantha is basically just not the same show lol I don't really care about these characters without all of them actually being together and nothing is more cringe than pigeonholing in new characters (lbr they'll be gen z-ers/millennials who are portrayed into stereotypes about both generations) we're supposed to care about even though we have no idea who they are or why we're supposed to care.
I follow Kim Cattrall on instagram and I think that's enough
So, no Samantha and six more women whom Carrie will probably belittle?
They need to return Amelita

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