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Sex and the city reboot to add six new friends to show

“Execs are adding six new friends to their friend group and three of those new characters will be series regulars, and they will be portrayed by non-white women.”

Ontd, does this make you want to watch the show more than you did before?

Tags: sarah jessica parker / sex and the city, television - hbo

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this needs the "who asked for this" tag
I knew they were gonna pander by the title alone lol
Maintaining friendships is one of the hardest things to do as you age. I'm pushing 40 and have like a couple of friends I speak with regularly. No way do women in their mid-50s hang out with 9 friends as much as they did in the original series. Also, I am not at all interested in the shitty relationships they were in last time I watched. Like Miranda really chose Steve over Robert. Steve! Nah, have Miranda come out as bi, dump Steve, confront Carrie about her biphobia, and live her best life with new friends.
Steve was someone she could think she was superior to, for the rest of their lives.
Of course she chose him.
Aww, I actually really like Miranda's choosing Steve. Not over Robert, of course. But in other circumstances, Steve is not a bad choice at all. (I refuse to acknowledge that the first movie made him into a cheater).
Same. I feel like I spent so much time in teens and 20's trying to make friendships and the real ones lasted so I'm not trying to add onto that? My actual core group of "real" friends is very small and it's still a lot of keep up with. It's very difficult to meet new people and keep those relationships up after a certain age. Like I don't have time to learn and trust you when I have all this other shit to worry about.
Her dumping Robert never made any sense. They were good for each other; he mellowed her out and was a grown ass man with a career he loved and was good at, who didn't need to be mothered by his girlfriend. Steve and her bickered so much and the core of it always comes down to either him being reckless and immature, or her being a shrill control freak; it was not healthy. They just didn't have the same rhythm in priorities or getting things done and would not have lasted if it weren't for Magda.
Miranda dumping Robert for Steve was a mess but I also do think they had a genuine love for each other. In some ways Steve helped Miranda be less rigid and Miranda helped Steve find some direction in life (opening the bar etc)
I bet Kim Cattrall is feeling so good that she walked away from this mess.
This is guaranteed to be terrible.

Who has the mental energy to learn not one, not two, but SIX new characters? People are tired.
this wouldn't have happened it cynthia won the election! but ngl im excited hehe


May 4 2021, 01:43:07 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:43:35 UTC

was gonna say that a group of friends that large isn't realistic but my mom's friend group is that large lol she's been friends with this same group of women since middle/high school. 8 of them went on a girls trip to greece in 2019.
Whatever happened to that weird reality type show Kristen Davis was going to do...it had to do with her finding a baby daddy or something.
It’s shit like this, as to why I’m super happy we’re not getting a Friends reboot but an interview.

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why?? why why why??? like if the writer's room is 100% white then they can keep it.

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This is so strange to me because idk how they introduce this many new characters while explaining samantha and big in like 5 hours??? Lol
The actor who played big stated "don't believe everything you read" in regards to his character NOT returning.
I'm only here to post this masterpiece:

I just KNOW the day Carrie was stood up for her wedding that Natasha went out with the girls or had a particularly nice day. Not in a 'I went out of my way to learn this' way but you KNOW one of her girlfriends found out and told her. GOD, just imagine being able to be the friend that told her LOL
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