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Sex and the city reboot to add six new friends to show

“Execs are adding six new friends to their friend group and three of those new characters will be series regulars, and they will be portrayed by non-white women.”

Ontd, does this make you want to watch the show more than you did before?

Tags: sarah jessica parker / sex and the city, television - hbo

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Nah. I was never going to watch it, but this makes me want to watch it even less. I mean can we spell tokenism......we all watched the movie and saw what happened with Jennifer Hudson. These characters are not going to be well written or fleshed out. And what are the odds that the three white women, who hardly ever had any interactions with non-white women would suddenly be besties with a whole half dozen of them? Nope.
Lol k
I don’t trust them to portray POC. I’ll take an all-white NYC from Michael Patrick King and friends please!!
Can we get a crossover?
Every clip I have seen of this woman, she has been a menace and I fucking live!!!!
Is that Brock yurich? He’s a delightful power bottom


2 months ago


2 months ago

backdoor pilot?
why did i read this like backdoor lover
comin' from behind with the lights down low

“It’s MY face! It’s my face!”

Most likely, if it is it's smart to use the original cast instead of starting all over, I bet one of them will be the new Samantha.


2 months ago

Kim Cattrall's presence as Samantha was so huge that with her not coming back you have to bring in SIX new friends.... that says something. They should've just put this show to rest.

"Six new friends played by non-white women."
I appreciate it, but they're obviously trying to play catch up with how out of touch these women were with anyone not white/not living in upper east side Manhattan.
I've never watched SATC but the BTS drama always has me rolling!

just let it go, let satc be of its time
I had no clue this show ever had any hype after it ended, it felt like it drifted off into obscurity like all the other ‘00s shows.
Really? I feel like every year there’s a rumor about a third movie

And then the Kim vs Sarah feud gave it a lot of attention

And now we have this
It did. The two movies were dreck but they made hundreds of millions of dollars.
I’m so out of touch, I didn’t even realize there was a sequel.
nah man, they were talking about doing a movie the minute the show ended
I read it as six new friends and three of them will be series regulars and not white

I think the other three newbies will be white
i will only watch if they add 12 more friends
Every episode should add another friend.
No Samantha, no care.
A 9 person friend group irl is usually one wild n hilarious Aries or Libra woman and 4 couples. At least 2 of the couples has “the annoying SO” that everyone was hoping wouldn’t marry into the friend group but did. That’s how you end up at 9.
Please. Carrie is too self absorbed to make new friends.
ho lord
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