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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Ridiculous Starbucks Drink Orders Go Viral

It started when a Starbucks barista (Josie) shared a very detailed drink order he made on May 1st. He captioned the image with, “On todays episode of why i wanna quit my job.” Ashley Nicole Black from HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show responded, “I knew it had to be an app order. No one would order that out loud making eye contact.”

More ~Reasonable Drink OrdersCollapse )

ONTD, what do you order at SBux? 👀

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I would honestly be too embarrassed to order anything with maybe one or two changes/adjustments beyond how it just comes normally. And I prefer Dunkin anyway because their prices & rewards are better, so.
there's a starbucks reserve at the ground floor of my work's office and i hardly even go inside bc coffee makes me poop. if i needed to i just order dark mocha frap soy and just drink it really slowly. i'd rather go drink 3 in 1 ice coffee or soy milk tea.
i haven't gone to a starbucks since 2019


May 4 2021, 01:08:14 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:08:40 UTC

I came in this thread to find some good starbz orders but it looks like we hate them here.

Anyways I tried an iced shaken espresso with TOFFEE NUT (rather than brown sugar) and it was so good. Summer drank

Jk it's like $6 a bitch is gonna go broke real fast
Toffee nut is the GOAT of Starbucks syrups, but most people don't even know it exists?!
their toffee nut latte is my favourite seasonal drink there
Speaking of weird, fancy coffees, I enjoyed a mushroom coffee shortly before the pandemic started.

It was so good! It came with a little dried mushroom in place of a biscuit and it was heaven! Anyone ever tried this?
Lol and here I thought asking for a plane black iced coffee no sweetener was specific 🤣


May 4 2021, 01:13:50 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 03:17:57 UTC

I legit gasped at those 'caramel drizzle' ones — I am especially nice to the people at Starbucks you just KNOW that they go through some hell especially with the soccer mom Karen's who go every morning for her morning "latte"

The only thing I ask is that my coffee be 'extra' hot (even in the summer oop) but I normally get either a mocha, salted-caramel mocha or a peach green tea lemonade
My current orders are:

- Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Latte
- Iced Unsweetened Green Tea Lemonade
Is the lemonade itself sweetened or is that separate? I ordered a matcha lemonade in the app Without customization bc it didn’t show anything for the sweetener but I could tell it was sweetened. Not sure how to fix it for next time, but I hadn’t ordered from Starbucks since before the pandemic so maybe I just missed it
the lemonade is sweet and the matcha is almost all sugar.
I don't drink coffee and if I did I wouldn't go to Starbucks. There are so many independent coffee shops near me that have better drinks.
Gringos are truly the most entitled when it comes to customer service. Try to pull that shit in another country and they will laugh at you. When I lived in Chile they wouldn’t modify orders. They were like lol, you get what it says on the menu. K thx!

Also, my Starbucks order is a Grande (iced) Latte with and extra shot, almond milk and 2 pumps of hazelnut.
I feel bad enough asking for alternative milk or decaf lol I would rather die than order anything off the menu
Starbucks barista tiktok told me today that basic orders like iced chai lattes are relieving to see in the order queue so I felt like “🥰 I’m doing my part” bc that’s all I ever order lol.
Honestly fucking gross. And Starbucks sweetener upsets my stomach so I’d just be dead at all of that. I got two cold brewers during the pandemic and it’s been fantastic. I only get coffee when I’m going for a long drive and am really just in it for the breakfast sandwich.


May 4 2021, 01:22:42 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:23:19 UTC

Can I just say I bought a keurig that came with washable cups for my own grounds (idk if they all do lol) but it has changed my life because I’ve never been good at brewing it at home. When I’m home and not working, I never buy coffee I just make it. I try to bring a small French Press to work with me but it’s so exhausting carrying your whole life in 2 carry on bags and a purse for 4/5 days at a time.
This makes me worried how much sugar people are consuming. My order at Starbucks is an unsweetened black tea or iced americano. Sometimes I'll try out a new release but I never learn that sweet drinks aren't my thing.
Oh these people are fucked when it comes to sugar consumption. No doubt about that.
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