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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Ridiculous Starbucks Drink Orders Go Viral

It started when a Starbucks barista (Josie) shared a very detailed drink order he made on May 1st. He captioned the image with, “On todays episode of why i wanna quit my job.” Ashley Nicole Black from HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show responded, “I knew it had to be an app order. No one would order that out loud making eye contact.”

More ~Reasonable Drink OrdersCollapse )

ONTD, what do you order at SBux? 👀

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I'm kinda over Bux after drinking it for like 15 years. A local coffee shop does lavender vanilla lattes and I'm obsessed with them.

This gif is hilarious, what is it from?
I feel like sbux was such a status thing in the early-mid 2000s.
omg lavender things are my favorite
It’s from when gaga was a barista for 5min as a bit
In NYC there are so many coffee shops that I'm always surprised people still go to SBux. I mostly make coffee drinks at home for cost purposes. I like to go to this middle eastern market that grinds fresh coffee. Colombian Supremo and Sumatra are my go-to
My office and my home are kind of far from Sbux, to the point that now I'm so used to getting better coffee (even from Gregory's) that Sbux coffee tastes so foul and joyless to me. New York has some really good coffee, no reason to get sbux unless you are in a rush or seeking an Arnold Palmer.
GEEZE, and I feel guilty for ordering full pumps of both vanilla and caramel in my iced coffee.
i don't drink coffee or tea (that isn't chamomile) so this is just gibberish. give me the cakepops and water, please
I'm getting heart palpitations just looking at these orders. The caramel one 🤢
(i.e. unhealthy)
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hazelnut frappe/latte, extra blended. i will occasionally get the strawberries and creme frappe but i treat starbucks more like an occasional treat.
I've been trying to make my own chai lattes after work instead of stopping to get coffee on my way home. Tastes better & is super easy.
I started just getting an iced Americano with a splash of skim milk bc it was too intimidating ordering other stuff and my local Starbucks is full of rude workers who, I’m convinced, purposely mess up orders.
The only customization I ever make to my Starbucks order is get rid of the classic sweetener and add half & half to my iced coffee. I don't understand why the default for their iced coffee is sweetened. I don't get how ppl even think of this shit.
damnnnnn that is how I get my iced coffee there too!

that classic syrup needs to go
I do the same. The classic sweetener is disgusting.

yup that classic syrup is gross and it's so annoying that i have to remember to get them to not put it in... like did i ask for it????
I think they changed it recently and now you have to add sweetener.
I don't understand why you'd want 1 much less 5 bananas in a drink. My lord. I can't imagine this tasting like anything but sugary bananas.

I don't go to Starbucks but my regular order at Tims is an XL Earl Grey black, easy peasy.
orders like this appear on the Starbucks subreddit almost daily

what do I order? lately it's been an oat milk latte or the brown sugar/oat drink
fucking disgusting... this is making me want starbucks tho lol.

i've just been drinking my coffee black when i make it at home. at starbucks or at some other coffee place, i'd get a dirty chai usually. at starbucks in particular, i also like to order a white choc mocha, but replace one of the white choc syrup pumps with 1 pump of raspberry. will prob do this as a frapp tomorrow.
I'm too poor for Starbucks so on the odd occasion I decide to treat myself to a tall espresso Frappuccino my inner monologue is "Oo-er, you fancy huh?"

I absolutely want to someday order an unhinged, ludicrously sugary coffee drink that will make their cashiers worry for my (mental) health, but not to the point where they have to struggle to make it. I'm not that much of a sociopath.
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