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Ridiculous Starbucks Drink Orders Go Viral

It started when a Starbucks barista (Josie) shared a very detailed drink order he made on May 1st. He captioned the image with, “On todays episode of why i wanna quit my job.” Ashley Nicole Black from HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show responded, “I knew it had to be an app order. No one would order that out loud making eye contact.”

More ~Reasonable Drink OrdersCollapse )

ONTD, what do you order at SBux? 👀

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my 'i could never do that' story is that one time i reached the register and still didn't know what to order so i blurted out 'surprise me' and we looked at each other like mirror deer in headlights. he ended up making me a white chocolate frap and i oscillate between hoping he didn't think much about it and just gave me what the person before me ordered and thinking he still hates me for putting him on the spot and pressuring him to choose for me.

this happened 10 years ago.
As a former barista, I didn't mind 'surprise me' orders (but I'd usually ask if they liked strong coffee flavour or not).

If it wasn't busy I'd try to come up with something fun but easy to order again in the future. If it was busy I'd pick an iced chai cause it was the fastest to make.

Also if someone ordered a surprise drink and then complained they didn't like it, I'd be salty af. (Whereas if someone ordered a drink they'd never tried before and didn't like it, I'd be happy to remake them something else, cause that shit is expensive.)
i feel like a starbucks worker might hate that, but if you go to a hipster coffee shop they would live for it.
I always liked doing surprise mes, as long as you don't then complain about not liking it (I never had anyone do that thankfully). If you're afraid you won't you could always specify a surprise me frap or something, as they probably have experimented with good variations.
Jesus, I hate these people. It's like Starbucks is made for this type of asshole.

There's so much going on I'm curious what they even taste like. Probably like [Spoiler (click to open)] sugar
The last time I went into Starbucks I asked how many pumps of syrup was in my drink and they said 6!!! I thought that was way too many and asked for 3 instead. That's about the extent of my customization
Same. I always order fewer pumps, not more. I can't imagine how sweet some of these drinks are.
ugh, and when most people ask that question they actually then ask for MORE. So many people would want like 11 pumps!
I live in the butthole of the world and there isn't a starbucks where I live. so when I actually go to one I'm so intimidated by all the different things you have to specify about your drink even if all you want is something simple

I don't even understand what all those items are.
you know what's a good dessert coffee? the jamocha shake from Arby's tbh
my mom looooves jamocha shakes
Hell yeah, this is so freaking good I wish I could have it still on keto
I guess even coffee drinkers don't like the taste of coffee
True coffee drinkers hate Starbucks
yep. i love coffee and drink it black, and even the americanos at starbucks are out of control. its not coffee, its crack. but not in the good way.
Lmao I remember the pressure to become a coffee master black apron person. All coffee was either fine or dirt. I don’t have the care to develop a proper taste
Even the reserve stuff??
I rarely agree with /r/gatekeeping, and saying (as they do) that adding ANYTHING to coffee makes it Not Count is dumb, but in this case...good lord.
The only time I went to Starbucks for coffee was when I was London because the coffee everywhere else was horrendous


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mostly just order mocha frapp w/ almond milk no whip. a few times i ordered a vanilla sweet cream cold brew
lol i hate customers
Working alone/wfh can get lonely but I haaattee putting “on” the work smile. I want to put them all on an island away from me


May 4 2021, 00:16:11 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 00:21:29 UTC


I retract some of my laughter. Wtf are those other orders.
These are so gross that I can't help but feel bad for both the barista and the person ordering it. Like, if these are real orders they intend to consume then those people have to be going through something.
My go to order is a Venti London Fog with only one pump vanilla syrup. I weaned myself down from the six standard pumps, lol.

I used to get Starbucks once or twice a day before moving to remote work. Now I make my London Fog at home, and Starbs has become more of a treat.
I'd never heard of a London fog!
It’s soooo good! I’m not a coffee drinker, strictly tea, so it’s nice having a latte option. :)
Customization is part of Starbucks’ brand, but these orders are way too much.
The people who work at Starbucks are so incredibly choreographed. It's mesmerizing to watch how quickly they move, pick things up, shake things, go over one person's head, under someone's arm when the store is busy. They should be paid so much more. I could never do that.
I didn't work at starbucks, but when I was a barista I loved when it was super fucking busy and everyone was flying around each other! especially if you can get in a good groove w regular coworkers oooooh man I miss that
It’s better when it is busy because the time goes faster!!


1 week ago

It's just retail rythmn tbh. You start to get used to it especially during rush hours.
When I first started working as a barista at a local place I got the morning rush on my first day. Talk about trial by fire. Eventually though it becomes second nature. After a couple weeks I could practically make a latte in my sleep, lol
woof, suddenly I don't feel so guilty about making customisations for 1/2 decaf + 3 pumps of brown sugar syrup in my venti americanos (which feels like a lot considering I'm normally a drip coffee + cream kind of person)

like, if the order sticker is longer than the venti/trenta cup your drink is coming in... 💀
I looked up the recipe for Starbucks brown sugar syrup. I have no idea if we have it here (the only thing I drink is their soya chai lattes) but I found a bubble tea place that does a milky oolong with brown sugar syrup and I want to make it at home because I want it every day and I could use those €5 for myself! I try to limit myself to once a week
yeah I def think it's Starbucks trying to capitalise on the brown sugar bubble tea popularity tbh. but it is good! I find a lot of their syrups way too sweet but the brown sugar one isn't as strong. I usually just drink my coffee unsweetened but if I do want it a bit sweet, that's what I go with.

also that bubble tea sounds yummy, I'd want that everyday too 😅


1 week ago

O damn I want that bubble tea!

I’m trying to learn to make bubble tea at home tho bc shit’s expensive


1 week ago

Aww I love my little Starbucks in my rink a dink town. It’s never too busy. 🥰🥰
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