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Coldplay announces new single, or is it?

For the past few days ONTD's Favorite Alternative Rock Pop band Coldplay has been teasing their new single with a series of ads in various locations.

[Ads in various locations.]

But now Little Monsters have found similarities between Coldplay concept for their new album, rumored to be named Kaotica, and Lady Gaga's Chromatica.



So what is the truth? Could this mean Chromtica 2.0 is coming through Coldplay? Coldplay/Gaga collab?

[The truth.]

Seems to be pure coincidence, phew.

Stream Higher Power this Friday.

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Tags: coldplay, conspiracy theories, lady gaga

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I hope they tour this album. Their last show i attended was a blast.
max martin to every musician on earth

if i only could have one producer to help me make a hit i'd pick him i wont lie
same, for pop anyway — hands down


May 4 2021, 01:12:50 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:13:24 UTC

I would kill someone to work with him, a straight white male republican so nothing of value would be lost but ugh. His genius. 😩
I know I shouldn’t be surprised Coldplay has stan accounts, and yet...
We're called Coldplayers.
I don't agree with your choices but I support your freedom to make them.
i had to keep reminding myself they got nominated for AOTY at the grammys this year
Yeah? For what?! Damn i truly do live under a rock
right like wait what album?? lmfao
i do like them and had no idea that had a new album out
Maybe it was too ahead of its time for certain all people.
gracias, pero no

people do clown coldplay but their first few albums are solid. especially a rush of blood to the head
They still make consistently better music than the other act they get compared to, Maroon 5


May 3 2021, 23:51:16 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 23:53:36 UTC

Also, Chris is hotter than Adam.
I don't understand how Maroon 5 is even a band. They are TERRIBLE. Dare I say, worse than Nickleback!!!


2 months ago

Coldplay is definitely better but honestly Maroon 5's first couple albums were also very good!
I might be biased but their first 3 albums are perfect.
AROBTTH is a masterpiece
Their first three albums were great. I still remember hearing Trouble for the first time in the Roswell finale.
this - their first few are some of my favorite bodies of work of all time
First four* in my opinion. I like Viva la Vida, I think that's just around when people decided they were lame but Lost! is such a great song. The whole album has a lot of catchy hooks actually.


2 months ago


2 months ago

I didn't know Viva la Vida was plagarized
I'm just shocked that labels are putting out money for billboards to advertise a SINGLE? I feel like Gaga's "Stupid Love," ironically, was the last time I saw that level of promo (that wasn't tied to spotify or something) and even then it felt like an odd, somewhat outdated choice. I guess they are a big touring act though. And maybe I'm out of touch haha.
Yeah they're totally a tour act now, I didn't care for their last 3 albums but I want to see them again and I guess most people feel the same way lmao, their shows are super fun.
Little Monsters doing the most. That's just the setup for the billboard, it's the exact same location. But Little Monsters would know all about plagiarizing what with Lady GaGa ripping off Ace of Base and Madonna lol
i’m ready/drunk enough to admit it publicly... i love coldplay 😅
The first locaiton tweet took me by surprise because it's Warsaw, the Warsaw Spire building to be exact.
That billboard set up is cool. Embarrassed for the stans who think she invented it.
I'm not as much of a fan of their newer stuff but Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head are still fantastic. I actually don't think I've heard anything from their most recent album, I didn't know they released one in 2019.

I've seen them live twice and both concerts are among the best I've ever been to.
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