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Tess Holliday reveals eating disorder diagnosis

The model revealed on Instagram that she is currently in recovery for anorexia nervosa.

"I'm anorexic and in recovery. I'm not ashamed to say it out loud anymore, I'm the result of a culture that celebrates thinness and equates that to worth.. I've punished my entire life and I am finally free."

Revealing she's been receiving positive comments for losing weight, and that these made her uncomfortable.

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I commented in the FFA this weekend about how much I hate people commenting on my food, and although I don’t have an eating disorder or even really any food issues, I think it ties generally into the shame around food and weight in society. You just never really know how even the most innocuous comment is going to affect someone so unless someone asks you your opinion, it’s best not to comment.


May 4 2021, 01:03:32 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:07:03 UTC

hawaii_bombay is that you

Anyway, I'm leaving this here because I think maintenance phase is an excellent podcast
seconding this! it's a wonderful and very necessary podcast, i'm learning so much from it


May 4 2021, 01:08:53 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 01:10:24 UTC

I am underweight. My sister just told me tonight that I lost too much weight, but I am honestly fine with my weight (I eat 3 meals and dessert, I am not starving myself but usually try to track my calories for the day) but recognize I should not lose more weight.

I had become overweight and last January started walking daily & trying to track calories/eat better. I stopped eating frozen doughnuts & waffles for breakfast and started eating fruit & cereal instead, etc... I feel like I eat a normal amount of food and my weight seems stable now, I am not gaining or losing and I am good with that.

I have days when I worry about calories still, but I am trying to work on it.
I feel for her. your ED can go unchecked for a long time, especially if you don’t look like skeleton with an ED. I’m a bulimic and the reason I got away with it for so long is because my PCOS makes it really hard to lose weight. I was a “good weight” so no one caught on what was wrong with me.
where’s that tom hardy bait gif when i need it

anyway, eds are hell and there’s no look to them. i can’t believe this even needs to be said.
I have such a strange dichotomy of emotions and opinions when it comes to Tess. First, I hope she recovers and gets this under control. <3 No one deserves to be put on display for such a humiliating condition (I struggle with an ED and body dysmorphia, so I 100% know how horrible it is to have people commenting on your weight, and the side eye you get when you tell people you struggle with an eating disorder but you're overweight...)
Now, on to the controversial side... On one hand, as an overweight human, I agree wholeheartedly that it's unacceptable and disgusting to comment on peoples weight--whether they're 'too big' or 'too small.' It's gross, and I've dealt with that too. When I lost weight for the first time at age 18, I suddenly had men who had ignored and rejected me for YEARS knocking down my door, begging me to go out, and telling me I was "so smart, so cute, so funny." (But I wasn't those things before? TF????) And the endless amounts of people commenting that I look so much "better", or I look so good "now"... (So I looked bad before, or....?) Anyway. What I'm saying is, I get it, and people should shut their damn mouths.
On the other hand, I struggle when people like Tess try to sell the world on the idea that they're 'perfectly healthy', despite being significantly overweight. Like, I'm happy you're confident and do work out. I'm happy you are happy in your skin, and I'm honestly jealous of that while simultaneously cheering for you to keep it up. However...there is literally zero evidence anywhere that carrying around 100+ pounds of fat is 'healthy.' It's not. If it isn't impacting you now, it will. Your heart will enlarge. Your body will work harder than it should for a long time, and it'll catch up to you. And that's fine--it's not MY place, or anyone else's place, to judge you for that. You do you. I'm doing me (and I'm certainly sitting here munching on chips and dip as I scroll through this, not giving AF that I'm probably 1000 calories over my suggested daily intake) ... However, it's factually incorrect to say "there's absolutely nothing physically wrong with me--I'm perfectly healthy!" when you're literally carrying 100+ extra pounds of fat on your body. **Again, before anyone tries to attack me: I am here for confidence. I am here for happiness and feeling secure in your body at any size. What I'm not here for is flat out denial that being morbidly obese is unhealthy.**
And before anyone tries to come for me on this, yes, you can absolutely be thin and JUST as unhealthy. You can be "fit" and be just as unhealthy. But, as a fat person who has perfectly good blood labs, blood pressure, and no other medical issues (yet), I'm not going to sit around and say that being 100 pounds overweight is "healthy."
That's the only issue I've ever had with her. I don't view being fat as unattractive or as inherently negative (in fact, I tend to be attracted to bigger men, tbh) but I also choose not to sell alternative facts. Just my two cents. Please don't shred me, ONTD. I'm a fat gay boy just trying to keep it real. *hides*
I’m out of body positivity spaces for this reason. My therapist is great with accepting myself how I am *now* while also working to lose weight so my health improves. The hardest thing I’m struggling with is that i won’t be ‘better’ once I lose weight mentally so let’s do the work now so I will be. But not cause of weight loss. But because of the mind work I’m doing

And the refusal to accept science is something I can’t handle. So I just avoid those spaces now.

And unforuantly this means there isn’t many fitness spaces left for me anymore as they’ve gone all in. Including telling fat people our opinions don’t matter.

<3 your opinion matters to me, for what it's worth.

I agree with everything you said, and am in the same damn place. <3

I hope what I said didn't offend you, and if it did, I'm truly sorry. I just have a really, really hard time with public figures going on social media trying to lie with their pseudoscience and snippets of results. "Well, I just had a physical and I'm perfectly healthy!"
Like, sis, your doctor did not look you in the eye and tell you that you're 105 pounds overweight and healthy. You had labs, they were good, and you aren't having any adverse effects...yet. That does not make it anymore healthy than a 2-pack-a-day smoker who isn't having lung issues...yet. I don't mean it in a shameful way, and I wish the stigma wasn't there the way it is. When people tell you it's unhealthy, it feels like they're shaming you and ridiculing you, and it's painful. I've never been a smoker or an addict to a substance, so I've never dealt with someone "shaming" me for that, but it's what I imagine that might feel like? Idk.
I'm rambling and leaving WAY too long of a comment... but...yeah. I hope any of the above makes sense. Also, I apologize again if I offended or upset anyone. <3


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don't comment on other people's bodies. don't comment on what they eat. just don't. it's not that hard.

i don't understand it at all. fat people can't just fucking LIVE. ITS NOT YOUR BODY. worry about your own!
About 5 years back I lost quite a bit a weight and was notably slimmer, but I did it thorugh disordered eating and it was rough... But so many people complimented me on my weight loss. I feel for her
I have struggled with food since before I was 13 i think? I have always felt that I am not thin enough to get help with my problems. Don't know how to try and get help when my mind is all over the place because of this
I know someone exactly like this and she eventually told us about her disordered eating. I had noticed she would just pick at her food. Like in maybe 30 meals we had together, she never ate a full plate of food. At first no one said anything because as other people mentioned, she wasn’t the image of what people think when you think “anorexic.” I remember going to her house and she’d have those meal replacement shakes, and she would talk about how if she had one shake, she wouldn’t be hungry for hours etc. Never put two and two together, honestly. Anyway, finally a mutual was like “have you noticed so-and-so never eats when we’re together?” She attributed it to not wanting people to see her eat because of her weight. Anyway, she finally opened up and told us she struggled with her self-image and was having periods of not eating and when she did, she’d have those shakes. Her stomach was fucked up because of it and she ended up in the hospital with an IV because she was dehydrated.

It fucked her bowel movements up, and when she started eating solids again, she was constipated all the time. I can see how that creates a vicious cycle.

It’s sad how fast we judge and don’t notice when they are truly hurting.
gross comment i know, but i couldn't go to toilet properly for years, even after i reached a point where I was mostly recovered. its only in the last.. year or so? that things have finally started to return to normal. its scary honestly, that eating disorders can have such an effect on your body, long after you think it's 'over'

i hope your friend is in a better place
I just wish people would stop thinking anyone wants unsolicited comments on their body.
She's a racist and a scammer so it's really hard to feel empathy for her...
you can definitely be a shitty person with real problems (I don't know jack shit about her except the occasional wank post here over the years, but I do know that much is true)
I wish her nothing but the best. eating disorders are hell, especially when you don't look like the typical image if an eating disorder sufferer.

i suffered with an eating disorder for a long time. i was a mess.. i isolated myself, i hurt myself, i dropped it of university. i look back on pictures of myself at 19, 20, and i just look awful. and i was maybe 3lbs underweight, if that. I'd go out to eat with my housemates and they'd tell me off for being wasteful when i wouldn't finish my meals, they would shit talk how little I had in the shared fridge, and eventually they stopped talking to me. other people told me i was too skinny, but all it did was made me feel more ashamed, and the less I wanted to get help. I went to therapy for a bit, and told her I would go days without eating. and when I felt like I was about to pass out, I'd walk to the nearest supermarket, buy £20 worth of food and pop and sweets and eat until I was sick. rinse and repeat. and she gave me a pamphlet on how to swap junk food for fruit.

i like to think I'm in a good place now, but theres always going to be something at the back of my mind telling me otherwise. I've gotten better at ignoring it, but its still there.
end of the day, I wish people wouldn't comment on someone's weightloss, unless they know they context behind it. so many things can cause weight loss.. trauma, illness, grief. but we equate thinness with health and beauty and happiness, so people don't think of that. weightloss is the goal, no matter what.
I just don't understand commenting on people's weight. Say 'you look good' and end there? Maybe?
or maybe "you're a funny fucker" or "you are smart and kind"
You're a funny fucker.


4 days ago

When I first started to lose weight in my early 20s I was anorexic. I didn't realize it at the time, though. I've managed to work past being that extreme and gained 10lbs back (am at a much healthier weight).

I do find myself fixating on food sometimes (mostly because I have pcos and can gain weight VERY easily) so I still think I have a problem. I just don't know what.
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