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Billie Eilish answers questions from famous fans, plus highlights from her British Vogue cover story

Yesterday, the world collectively caught a glimpse of another side of Billie Eilish (and gasped) when she was revealed as the June 2021 cover star of British Vogue, in a series of classic pin-up-inspired shots by Craig McDean.

Now, let's dig into some highlights from the accompanying story written by Laura Snapes:

HighlightsCollapse )

The magazine also enlisted 23 of Eilish's famous fans (including Avril Lavigne, Orlando Bloom and Viola Davis) to submit video questions for the latest edition of their "Ask a Legend" series.

VideoCollapse )

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She's always been rather smart and mature for her age. I like a lot of what she says. Very "Stripped" era Xtina.
This is a good point. I think I'm still trying to sort out my feelings as well. I think that she did want to do it. I don't know why I'm not catching the "empowerment" vibes that I'd usually get from things like this. Again maybe it's my own biases and personal experiences with Vogue, the exploitative nature of that industry, how many things are actually pretty calculated and forced, how they're profiting off of it, a middle aged man being the photographer ultimately sharing his perspective of her... It's just not adding up to the message for me. I think I'd be like "FUCK YEAH!" if she just posted up some mirror selfies in lingerie on her instagram. But maybe that's a me problem.
"I really think the bottom line is, men are very weak."

Well this is true.
I always liked that she wore baggy clothes to avoid people commenting on her body type, but she's so young, she's going to go through various phases before finding her Look™.

All I'm hoping is the neckbeard "wine mum bod" comments didn't make her feel like doing this. She's beautiful either way and seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders, but I can imagine that being devastating to a girl her age.
I don't know much about her but I always see her in sweatshirts w green hair, so I did a doubletake. she looks good, i feel like every young starlet goes through this image shift at some point in their careers.
It just weirds me out that like clockwork young pop stars decide to do this kind of stuff

I hope it’s truly what she wants. 19 is still very young.

It’s cute that Avril support her. I like when I see older alt girls fan girl over her instead of acting above it all.
I like that Laura Snapes did this interview, I just wish they'd gotten someone other than an old man to shoot these pictures.
"I really think the bottom line is, men are very weak."

here for this.
Oh, the post-grunge glam period.

All of this has happened before.
ngl, it was a bit of a shock to see her go from not only being super wrapped up but in extremely baggy clothes that make it impossible to see her figure, to showing it all off. but imo think it's part of her image for this album release as she does seem to be an artist who loves her themes what with her keeping her black/green hair and aesthetic for like, two whole years?? during her when we all fall asleep era

i get wanting to ~complicate it and dive into discourse about sex-positive/revealing clothing as feminist empowerment blah blah blah but there's a likelihood it's not THAT deep 🤔
Avoiding the wank but I am curious: is her music worth a listen? I have only heard her most popular single and I liked it.
I really love her ep. Not a fan of WWAFA, WDWG. Give the ep a listen!
Thanks! I will do that. :)
I mean I wish on a personal level that our every choice wasn't in response to our treatment, but here we are *shrug* every girl will do this differently, but it's telling that pop girls don't seem to have much diversity about it.

on another note, this whole interview is very teenager, like the very idea that personal choice is the whole equation when it comes to magazine covers, as if there aren't additional calculations when it comes to presenting not to your community as we all must do, but to your consumer base and critics, is such a narrow teenager perspective, lmao.

Why give her so many shots when she only has one facial expression; stare into the sun annoyed look.

I was stunned she's only 19. I seriously thought she was in mid to late 20s.

like clockwork young women pop stars have to debut a sexier image when they reach ~maturity? :(

i believe she feels good in her skin and i hope she really genuinely does (she looks amazing!), i just wish it didn't seem to always go this route for the young woman talented pop star ykwim? as others have pointed out, there isn't this gross obsession or weird turnaround for young men with comparable fame when they come of age.

just a little weird honestly.
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