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Billie Eilish answers questions from famous fans, plus highlights from her British Vogue cover story

Yesterday, the world collectively caught a glimpse of another side of Billie Eilish (and gasped) when she was revealed as the June 2021 cover star of British Vogue, in a series of classic pin-up-inspired shots by Craig McDean.

Now, let's dig into some highlights from the accompanying story written by Laura Snapes:

HighlightsCollapse )

The magazine also enlisted 23 of Eilish's famous fans (including Avril Lavigne, Orlando Bloom and Viola Davis) to submit video questions for the latest edition of their "Ask a Legend" series.

VideoCollapse )

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I don't even listen to or follow her at all but it feels like everything she says about her self-image and what she projects as an artist is so picked apart and scrutinized and taken in the worst faith sometimes.
not me replying @ myself but like some of you (the general you, not just ONTD) act like she has an earpiece in and is being fed woke talking points by some label executive.
Some of the comments about her are OTT (they way they are for all young female stars...hmmm), but I think she's a polarizing figure because she's very outspoken yet typifies a young person who grew up very online and thus can superficially talk about social issues, yet hasn't done enough reading/thinking about the nuances of those issues. The Vogue interview where she talks about how her parents made her neighborhood hip (i.e. gentrified it!) is a clear example of this.
yeah, i’m not familiar with her either but the comments on her posts here can be... a lot.

like she’s an industry plant (?) being controlled by an incestuous pervert brother (??????) and now “she is posing this way AGAINST HER WILL i can tell because of her SAD EYES she is feeling so UNCOMFORTABLE”


2 months ago


2 months ago

I just recently got into her (like, two weeks ago lol), and I went back to a post from a couple years ago from one of her first videos for her album (Bury a Friend) and the comments were so harsh. And she was 17 at the time, and people were calling her fake and mocking her for being "edgy" it was so weird lol. There's legit criticisms of her (her blaccent and friendship with XXXtenacion) but she's still sooo young.

I also seriously fail to see how an artist putting out a body of work and carefully constructing an image is a big deal... is the weeknd getting picked apart like this?


2 months ago


2 months ago

Yeah, the whole thing is complex.
There are valid criticism about the music industry and the way young women are often forced to be more sexualized. For sure.
But also, we can't expect a 19-year-old woman (that's old enough to be in college) to think the same as when she was 15 and form new opinions about her body. That isn't necessarily a cry for help from a naive and helpless girl.


2 months ago


2 months ago

This. People are so OTT for her and it seems like so many just want to believe the absolute worst things. I'm not saying that the industry isn't fucked up but the paranoia in these comments is something else. Like, were these people never 19 and want to play around with their sexuality and how they're viewed?
Yeah whatever she says will never be sufficient so long as she isn’t dressing the way she used to.

I genuinely understand why it’s sparking so much commentary but it’s just exhausting, it all just gets further away from her? If that makes sense. But I suppose that’s what being a celebrity is at the end of the day.
rise cillian sis, rise!
Omg. Now I can’t unsee.
'I really think the bottom line is, men are very weak. I think it's just so easy for them to lose it. You expect a dude not to grab you if you're wearing that dress? Seriously, you're that weak? Come on! Go masturbate!'"

lmao I think I have to officially stan
you'll love this, then:

(i hate that p*r*z is the source of this clip on twitter)
a gay meme account used one of the pics with the caption "me when I go from my depressive to hoe phase" and people tried to call him out about the meme but alas it was a lost cause
I can't unsee Cillian Murphy, damn it r/
Him and Scarlett have a baby
I like that she's exploring a new look. I like the editorial, though the pink corset on the cover is not my favourite and I hate the pointy shoes in the shot where she's wearing the trench coat. she should be able to dress and present herself in whatever way she wants and as long as she's not being pushed into doing something she isn't comfortable with than she doesn't deserve criticism for the way she looks. I'm not convinced, despite what people here said in the editorial post, that she was pushed into showing more skin than she wanted by her handlers and the vogue editorial staff.
I think it's literally so stupid to try and make the woman herself somehow the center of a problem we're all clearly aware and admitting is a societal issue! I hope she isn't being pushed, I really do, and I think the reaction to the photoshoot is just emphasizing the problem Billie stated in the interview. Did Vogue want both the clicks and the skin? Sure they did! But that doesn't mean that Billie is suddenly completely without agency and we can ignore her actual words.
idt she was pushed either. so many of the comments in that post were people projecting - i'm looking particularly at the people whose *childhood selves* felt disappointed in the change.
She's a pretty girl but she looks absolutely terrible in this photoshoot.
terrible? really?
I don’t think she looks terrible but they really didn’t flatter her face

She looks better in red carpet candies

It’s not like she has a hard face to worn with I’m so I’m not sure what happened
She looks good, but the latex stockings must be hell to wear
Honestly my biggest issue is that the colors are so atrocious. But I'll be interested to see how she feels about it when she's not a literal teenager wearing lingerie on a global magazine and she's had a few years of space to grow up. If it's all her, cool. But I know I made decisions at 19 that retrospectively I think were in others' best interests and not my own, and I hope that this wasn't one of those decisions for her.
I hate the shade of pink so much it's an awful photoshoot that's only elevated because she's actually very pretty
Agree, I remember Britney had a lot to say about her old photoshoots when she was like 21/22 and started to really reflect publicly. Prior to that, it was always pushed that it was what Britney wanted blah blah
for me it’s not even that she’s embracing a “sexier” image, it’s that we’ve cultivated a society where girls who hit fame during adolescence have to have a “debut” as an official woman at the age of 18 like clockwork complete with sexy photoshoot/project (sometimes earlier!!). it’s boring, NO boy child stars do this, why the fuck do women continually have to do this? britney, christina, drew, miley, selena, hilary, like i can keep going but i’ll stop. lol.
Lol! It's definitely a trend so I don't know how 'organic' it really is to just growing up and not an expectation that women who come of age within the industry are kind of expected to go through or think they need to go through to show they're now adults.
This is a much more interesting take that doesn't center Billie like she's either a dumbass industry plant or a victim with no agency.
yeah this is my whole opinion on it too lol I don't think there's anything wrong with these pictures but there's definitely an expectation that all women must ~inevitably~ embrace femininity, abandon their tomboy "phase" (because it HAS to be a phase!) and start presenting in a more sexualized or traditionally feminine way - not just normies, but it's even more pronounced with pop stars. It's just a weird window into the vortex of our culture and it's stance on women, which hasn't evolved nearly as much as we like to pretend it has lol.
the only guys I can remember doing shirtless magazine shoots are justin timberlake and nick jonas. coming from a boy band that is seen as "immature" and wanting to be taken seriously in the "sexy" music realm.


May 4 2021, 02:00:55 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 02:01:23 UTC

yeah this is my take too.
this is precisely how i feel tbh
Thanks for this comment, it's a really succinct summary of the issues at the heart of this (for lack of a better word) debate 💕

(sexual assault tw) It's something that comes up with assault as well, and I think Billie mentioned having been exploited when she was underage, as well as what we could see as the public (the obssession with her turning 18, pap shots of her in a tank top going viral, so on). A lot of people (women) with sexual trauma feel a need to 'reclaim' their sexuality when they've been assaulted and that's why I initially hesitated to begrudge her doing this shoot. I think some discussions about choice feminism leave behind assault survivors, but the lines are difficult to discern and even harder not to cross.

It comes down to individualism versus collectivism. As an individual, we can support Billie's right to choice and her desire to reclaim her sexuality by means of a photoshoot where she is in control of what she is wearing, what she is showing, who is in the room with her, and what photos are published. Having control when you've been stripped of it is meaningful.

But her shoot also has a collective impact in that it contributes to the phenomenon you describe.
I am officially an old because I feel like this could easily be an interview with stripped-era Christina
lol yeah i was reading it and i was like

I've never seen the actual version of this gif, just the one with text!
she looks like a gallagher. she and lennon have the same brows and dead eyes.
I'm glad she said this about men being weak. The boys will be boys mentality is insulting them too but they're too dumb to understand this.

I wish way too long nails would go out of style. They're hideous.
Whew I didn’t think a Billie post will bring mild wank

Anyways, “ask a legend” uhm shes cool but Legend is way too soon for her, Now Viola Davis... aside from being a Goddess she’s the only legend in that video
People use terms like that (and "iconic") way too much. They've lost all meaning.


May 4 2021, 00:15:32 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  May 4 2021, 00:18:26 UTC

“legend” 💀 STOP

anyways *continues to listen to well-adjusted, non-sexualized, currently-non-calculated indie pop girlie LORDE* 💅🏾

I remember multiple posts of everyone being concerned about Lorde’s disgusting old ex but all the pearl-clutching about Billie’s image is 1000x what Lorde ever got regarding her image... yet Lorde started out underage too iirc? Guess people care more about blue eyed blondes...
Yeah, so, why are you using 'non-sexualised' as a qualifier like women have any choice in whether they're sexualised or not? And 'well-adjusted' like people get a choice in whether or not they're traumatised. Gross.
honestly this discourse is exhausting. i was a d cup by 7th grade, i never had a choice of whether or not my body was sexualized even wearing what other girls wore all of the time. women shouldn't have to live in hoodies and sweatshirts for the rest of their lives in order not to ~trigger the male gaze or whatever the fuck. let women live.
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