crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are splitting up after 27 years

Tags: divorce

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Why is this written like a Kpop disbandment post
lmao guess they didnt renew their contract
where he at it's about to be the Bill and Me Gates Foundation

just kidding he is the antichrist and I hope this divorce is messy and embarassing
damn so the likelihood of these evil fucks d*ing in a freak accident together goes down...

and don’t @ me saying she has no culpability
I'm honestly shook by this one
i literally gasped and idk why
So is he leaving her for a 22 year old insta model?
I’m surprised but also not surprised lol.

I’m not married, but I feel like lots of married couples grow out of each other as they age. At least in my culture, most older couples stick together because they feel compelled too, not because they’re still in love. I’m all for married couples parting ways than stretching and faking a relationship that doesn’t serve them well anymore.
fuck rich people. this man has a worth of almost 200 billion fucking dollars.

do you know how he could change the world with that but chooses not too?

fuck off.
[Unknown LJ tag]
Why? Bc them having trouble in their marriage caused market uncertainty or something?
This non profit cofounder had a pretty good thread breaking it down:
Hoping we get an Edge into his new Visio(n) for his love Access.
brb, bout to doll myself up for Mr Gates.

title or description
I don't care. Donate all your money until you only have a measly ten million to live on and sod off.
Is this to do with her response to 'vaccine microchips', re: John Oliver?!

"We don't have the technology to do it [yet] and he's never said it to me out loud... "

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