crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are splitting up after 27 years

Tags: divorce

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split up with life next pls
Can y'all seperate that foundation of yall's too and keep public and global health out of you pockets and influence while you're at it? thanks.
Wow I'm actually shocked by this
Good. I hope he’s unhappy.
the marriage was probably micro-soft after 27 years.
My brother messaged me excitedly "He's coming out, I can feel it."
That thought crossed my mind too! LOL.
Are there legit rumors on this? 👀

Get that money, girl!

Fuck Bill Gates.
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Not even decades of marriage can survive the Post-Pandi Itch.
so their divorce is splitting up money they already wanna give away. ok I guess
I hope she goes through a string of hot dick before finding lasting love again.
Bill is asexual to me.
No prenup!?! Gurl get money
Maybe she found out he was sliding into peoples vaccines.
I can see him with that professor Brad Pitt tried to date. Somebody hot and smart. Hopefully not too young =/
lol, that professor already married another billionaire 2 years ago. You gotta move fast out here.
So did her and Brad Pitt never dated?
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