crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are splitting up after 27 years

Tags: divorce

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Desus has me in tears each week, whether it’s from the show, the podcast, or his twitter.
i'm legit surprised, but mostly because their names are on their very famous foundation. wonder how that's gonna work out
I'd love to see things switch up a bit and for Melinda comes out with some hot young boytoy.
Ok great, what is Raya? I see it on deuxmoi all the time. Celeb version of tinder?
Pretty much. I think super rich nonfamous people can use it too
I definitely know some girls who are just hot who work at, like, Amazon as a recruiter who somehow got on it and I have no idea how lol
Basically. It’s been speculated it’s a little racist, though. Nicole Byer talks about Raya and says she wasn’t accepted for the longest time.


2 months ago

It's "celeb" version. I'm on it and am not famous or rich at all so IDK. Mostly influencers, Djs, and personal trainers.


2 months ago


2 months ago

I hope these unethical billionaires are miserable tbh lol.
Who will be his Grimes?
Charli XCX?
Ava Max
I hope Rita Ora sent him a sympathy message and a selfie to keep her options open.
Azealia Banks.
Azealia Banks
All the 40-50 year old gold diggers will be taking an extra dose of glucosamine tonight.
27 years is a good run. They probably tried for a few years and probably decided to just end it.

Bill always seems so sexless to me tbh. I hope he doesn't find some 20 year old insta model because the cringe would be too much...
Get money, sis. Still, these two give me a bad vibe. I don't trust their asses.
who gets the foundation???
I will marry and give birth my billionaire sugar daddy's child. I CLAIM THIS!
ok i absolutely cannot see him going for a young model BUT I could weirdly see him dating someone like Iman or something who's still gorgeous and around his age but also an ~intellectual~
Maybe Emma Watson can use her degree from Brown now?
nnnnn i think the youngest i could POSSIBLY see is like 45?? like a Huma Abedin type

This is what we deserve tbh.
Omg Emma is my age stooop
This is actually making me really sad. Probably because I’m going through a breakup right now lol.
damn I'd jump on his pink diq if it means I get single digit million dollar crumbs from it.
lmao if they can't make it work what hope do us poors have?
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