saintclaire87 (saintclaire87) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky threw a white party over the weekend

Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, chris hemsworth, eat the rich, matt damon

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Honestly I'm just jealous they get to have parties.
theme parties annoy me because like, i barely want to party as it is and now i have to put in MORE EFFORT? nah thanks

This looks like a cult
Toronto throws some sort of ~top secret~ white party called Diner en Blanc and yeah... 2700 people at this one in 2016!

the all white party theme with lots of rich people carrying designer bags makes me sick. read the room/world. no one wants to see the 1% party anymore. we're over it
That one is from 2016 though.


5 months ago

We have it in Montreal too but tbh it's way better than Toronto's bc it's exclusively black people usually lol.
they've been tacky for a while tho. to think they didn't like miley because they thought she was trashy makes me laugh.
I used to be pretty neutral on them but they have been doing the most of social the last year (or at least it feels that way to me) and I'm starting to despise them both.


May 3 2021, 23:05:06 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 23:06:56 UTC

I'm all for letting frustrations out on gossip blogs with hundreds of strangers (instead of doing it the right way like exercise meditation or a hobby because boring) but ONTD has been unusually angry and bitter lately. I can't help but side eye most posts thinking they're just baiting for wank lmao.

Listen, I won't judge. If I could throw and expensive, trashy, theme party I would. I miss people. I miss normal life.
Right lol On the one hand, showing everything you do on social media has always seem kind of tacky to me but they aren't forcing people to see or comment on what they are doing all away on the other side of the world.

My country handled covid terrible and I am miserable for it, but not miserable enough to want other people to suffer the same.
Mte and the judgemental bitch in me can't help but think that, most of the people that are pressed and complaining and being assholes in general are from a place where vaccination is going well. Some of us are expecting our dose until next year like... empathy, it exists.
lol YESTERDAY was peak bitterness and miserable-ness lol.
can you blame them tho? like yeah people here are bitter af and they're allowed to be when it comes to obnoxious celebrity posts like these. it's true that a lot of us would probably do the same shit if we were rich but guess what we ain't lol so we here to express it and it's fine. I know it can get too negative sometimes but I just can't put any blame on people who have been locked up for over a year in their homes bcus their countries handled the virus badly, let us be salty it sure ain't harming the rich


5 months ago

it was indeed, very white
They're the type of celebs that I just find insufferable. They can't do anything without flaunting it all over their socials. And I'm not gonna lie though... it does make my broke ass very jealous lol. These people literally do nothing but throw parties and take endless vacations from their lives that are already just one long vacation in itself.
Can they fuck off? No one wants to see footage of rich white cringelords living it up in the lap of luxury while billions are suffering. They can take their wads of cash, set them all on fire, and stuff them up their assholes.
do they not have chubby friends? is it a fitness thing? do they all corral you into getting in shape or else they won't invite you to their white party?
Yall can take away white parties from dead auntie’s hands; it doesn’t happen every year but when it does, LAWD! Black people look amazing in all white 💅🏾
Very white, I see.

Why would y’all wish Black folks on these people anyway?
seriously!!! sometimes segregation is the answer tbh
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