saintclaire87 (saintclaire87) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky threw a white party over the weekend

Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, chris hemsworth, eat the rich, matt damon

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Remember when ontd loved her because she was so ~down to earth?
we? loved her? that sounds fake, we don't like anyone.
This lady had Adrien Brody buying her castles and did photoshoots in Africa with girafes, wtf was ever calling her down to earth?????
I don't remember that. Just everyone admiring her hustle.
I don’t think that was ever the case.
white party indeed
They're harmless but I hate them so much lmfao.

same. with every post of his on here that i usually just scroll by he gets a little more on my nerves
He's (roided) neck-and-neck with Crisp Ratt rn.
ewwwww rich white trash.... Looking through those pics, I can't help but feel it.... the trash... weird

And their house looks more like a MIT pharmaco head office.....
they have a lot of parties. must be nice to be acceptably drunk and high all the time.
it's giving klan rally after party
Was the guest list also suppose to fit the theme or...

No lie, they don't seem like they throw super exciting parties, but I'd wouldn't mind sitting around bored with the ocean behind me like that
It really is a white party.

Deleted comment

all these pictures are doing for me is reinforcing that the pandemic has really depleted my ability to tolerate pointless rich people
White parties make me irrationally mad.

And did the Hillsong pastor join them? Yeesh.
Wait they’re Hillsong?
And no black people in the sight! Tsk. Cant wait for their inevitable message via note app lmao:

*sigh* They can't help it if they have no Black friends. There are simply no Black people in Australia. And Taka Waititi was doing his own thing, so indigenous friends just wasn't going to happen. If anything, they're making a point of how few b.i.p.o.c. are on their level! They're allies just by having the party! Y'all just want to make everything about race!! Listen up, Australia isn't America! You can't judge them by your American racism, they don't understand!

As an Australian this feels too on point
i wouldn't want to be friends with any of these people, please stay away from me


5 months ago

calm down kyle richards
"White" being the operative word.
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