saintclaire87 (saintclaire87) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky threw a white party over the weekend

Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, chris hemsworth, eat the rich, matt damon

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they look like a fun couple but lol at this party. Is Thor still filming? I guess Rita and Taika weren't invited.
Well, it was a white party.
title or description
White nonsense
can rich white women really not go and get a decent white wig?! or get their people to make a cheap wig look good?

i hate the idea of white parties. but they're a good way to figure out who the insufferable people are easily so.
if they ever need a live action johnny bravo
I don't like wearing white, but I prefer a cool white to a warm white.
There was no food and booze at this party, just muscle milk
Glad to see the emphasis-on-white party jokes have already been made, am I wrong or are we still in the midst of a pandemmers?
australia's doing fine, no?
I'm not up to date globally but if so, I apologise - shit's been really bad over here despite curfews and I'm a bit paranoid at the moment.
umm hell no we are not. my city is currently on lockdown and i'm terrified.


5 months ago


5 months ago

Australia has handled it better than most. They’ve been able to go out and even host live events.


5 months ago

We are, but we are also still supposed to be social distancing so we shouldn’t be having big random parties. Also vaccination is a mess and hardly anyone has got a jab yet.

These dickheads have been living the life all the way through, anyway.


5 months ago

i would be annoyed at all the different shades of white (clothes, not the ppl), lmao.
I can't get over the fact that he has all that Marvel money but he built himself a mall parking garage.
Westfield Hemsworth
Reminds of when Sean Love (the artist formerly known as Diddy) use to hold all white parties in Miami. He had a strict dress code lol!

I like Elsa suit!

But any time they upload I always how lovely that Australia and New Zealand handled the pumpernickel better than US. 🥲
I guess if I was rich and bored and lived by the ocean I'd probably throw random parties too

Or just chill on the beach all the time. Idk.
I’m not even a party person but I’d def have Gatsby-like parties or go to them if I was super rich.
A man bought a castle for her to show he was in love with her. I need to get in that mindset to where a dude will buy me a house. . . or pay my student loans.

But where’s the melanin ?
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