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'Succession' S3 Casts Alexander Skarsgård

HBO's hit show Succession has cast Alexander Skarsgård in its upcoming third season, currently in production in NYC. Skarsgård's character Lukas Matsson is described as a "successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO".


Tags: alexander skarsgård, casting / auditions, succession (hbo)

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i've been excited by the casting, sucks they had to throw a wrench in it by casting one of the r*d sc*re girlies

Although I'm curious what accent he'll attempt.
i want to know what he looks like as of late bc ystd i saw someone who looks exactly like him but he was wearing sunglasses and facing the other way so i couldn’t tell if it was him or not lol
He’s so damn fine. I say DAMN
I was already excited for season 3 and this just made me even more excited!
Geri's new man Y/Y?
amp up roman's inferiority complex...
He is perfect for this series. Can't wait.
I love him and I'm obsessed with this show. I need the new season now!

I hated S1 of Succession and only sat through it because my husband loved it so much and then something clicked in S2E1 and now I'm absolutely obsessed.

Lol, are you me?? I didn’t hate it, but I would have dropped it like four episodes in if not for my husband, who was invested by then and wanted to keep going. Then S2 got me addicted!
Yes! Love him.

I saw him years ago during his True Blood days at The Surf Lodge, back when it was cool and chill. I slightly lost my shit, but I just remember him being really tall and waiting by the bar to get a drink with his eyes closed like he couldn’t wait for the night to be over. Now that I’m probably the age he was at the time, I can relate 😂.
Ok cool i like him... Now give us season 3 pls I'm begging
woooh bitch. we about to EAT.
i miss this show, hurry up
I do like seeing him as a rich asshole.
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