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Lily James: ‘All sorts of people can become great loves of your life’

The Observer recently caught up with Miss Lily James to chat about her upcoming series, The Pursuit of Love, the importance of female friendship, as well as a certain Mr. Dominic West...

On the 'quasi-sexual' female friendship between her character and Emily Beecham's in the Pursuit of Love: "We never explicitly decided whether it was sexual or not. Instead, we talked about female friendship for hours over Zoom. We shared our own experiences of how they can be the most important, nourishing relationships in your life. Particularly as a young girl growing up, your hormones are going wild and you’re exploring your sexuality. Fanny’s mother has abandoned her, so she’s missing that connection. Linda’s locked in this house and refused an education. There’s so much longing within both of them. They’re figuring things out through each other. It felt so true. It’s an ode to female friendship."

On working with animals on the set of the show: Oh God, my little French bulldog Plon-plon. There’s a scene where Linda opens this hat box and a tiny puppy is inside. I’ve never had to act less in my entire life. I got so close to that dog. He was forever snogging me and licking my face. I didn’t mind one bit.

On being the centre of a media storm last year due to gallivanting with Dominic West in Italy: "Ach, I’m not really willing to talk about that. There is a lot to say, but not now, I’m afraid."

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Can't wait for the day when she throws that dick under the bus. If I was her I wouldn't worry about protecting his reputation when he clearly doesn't give a fuck about hers.
I love her talking about female empowerment and the importance of female relationships when we all know she knowingly fucked another woman's husband.
everyone knows the concept of sorority only applies to your friends and women you like!
Right, right, right my bad.
Lily Goes West: The Haunting of Dick Manor

One of the best things to come out of that scandal.
in this age of PR coaching, she’s a breath of fresh messiness. may her choices never improve.
I know that she means I'm afraid as in unfortunately or something but my ESL ass read that as "I'm scared" and I was like are you being threatened, Lilian?
she out there saying this out loud lmao
you know her line is going to be "he told me they were separated" or something

which could only work if the armie/lily stuff wasn't confirmed because now we know she's been with multiple married men!
I'm still annoyed at West being cast in Downton Abbey. I don't even know why but it feels deliberate somehow as a joke about her skipping out on it.
Who knew Cinderella would be so messy
She can’t even keep track of her shoes on a night out you know she’s that bitch.
Lily still goes West?
My grandmother [Helen Horton] acted her entire life. She was the voice of Mother, the ship’s computer in Alien.

The most important thing about this harlot!
I love when celebs give the ‘oh there’s a lot to say, but it’s not my story to tell... at least not yet’. And then the writer usually adds something about how she tucks her feet under her and blows softly on her tea as she gazes thoughtfully out the window of her London apartment. ‘The way the press tells it— and he— but anyway, it’s not something that I can speak about right now’. She takes a bite of her biscuit which she says she was up until 4am baking. ‘I’m a perfectionist, I never give up on things, not even when they’re... well, you know’. A small smile.
You should be her PR person tbh, would make things more interesting for us here.
omg ... lmao....even though you set up your post as if you were mocking them, i still couldn't tell if you were then copying and pasting what the article writer actually said b/c of how realistic this sounds
Why are you not writing for Vanity Fair!?!?
‘All sorts of people can become great loves of your life’

Don't make them people who are already married to someone else, girl. 🙄

(Dominic is a shitbag as he was already in a, supposedly, committed relationship but this girl very likely already knew that which makes her shitty too.)
and it's not the first one, allegedly she and armie hammer also hooked up. she needs to stop going around with married men, despite whatever they may claim about their marriages.
There is a lot to say, but not now, I’m afraid

this should have a trigger warning. he is fug
I hope the kids are ok cause dad fucks around with women who dgaf about anything but their own daddy issues and mommy is too codependent and weak to boot his ass to the curb.
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