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Disneyland's new Snow White ride criticized for including Prince Charming's 'non-consensual' kiss

The Snow White ride at Disneyland has received some controversy for depicting the scene where Prince Charming wakes up Snow White with a kiss.

Theme park reviewers Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine addressed the issue in an article on SFGate, writing that the kiss is one "he gives to her without her consent, while she's asleep, which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it's happening. Haven't we already agreed that consent in early Disney movies is a major issue? That teaching kids that kissing, when it hasn't been established if both parties are willing to engage, is not okay?"

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There was a CBS radio show in the forties called "This Is My Best." They did an adaptation of the Disney movie, and when the prince kisses Snow White at the end, he says he "found the antidote for the old witch's poison apple," which suggests he did know he had to kiss her to break the spell.

You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyoNVQR-HcI&ab_channel=DisneyVintage


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