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‘A listers’ Rita Ora and Taika Waititi join celeb pals for lunch in Sydney Australia

The Daily Mail spotted A-listers Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher, Rita Ora and her new 'love interest' Taika Waititi enjoying a lunch at a popular Sydney restaurant.

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Tags: actor / actress, christian bale, isla fisher / sacha baron cohen, rita ora, taika waititi

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taika being silent on insta for months and then suddenly posting pics with his kids with 'funny' captions as soon as this news came out is, truly, very funny to me. if we accept that he's a piece of shit we can all very happily enjoy this shitstorm.
The Thor cast seems to be partying up a storm during filming idk the last time I really saw a cast and the director of a blockbuster be papped so much during production
SBC confuses me. In one of those pictures he looks really fine (to meee) but in another he looks awful.
Why is Sacha there? Is he in Thor too?
Wow these celebrities are so...bland? Like white people bland, it's kind of weird how candid shots humanize them in a way.
I'm gonna keep it funky: If someone put a bomb under their table and it only killed the people in this story and no one else and didn't even make enough damage to make the restaurant shut down for more than, say, an hour, would any of us really give a single fuck?
Lmao wtf?
where's the keeping it funky part cause.....
Rita an A-lister. good one, Daily Fail.
I have to appreciate Rita’s decade-long commitment to being a relevant nobody.
Rita Ora is loving this publicity. lol
I'm just jealous these pompous shitheads get to hang out with Isla and I don't :(
She is living her best life I guess LOLOL.....

The HEmsworth were too busy with their white party?
In the shot with Elsa I thought Rita was Gigi.
Honestly her team is unparalleled. I need that kind of power behind me too lmao.
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