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Marvel Studios brings back Stan Lee + First look at Black Panther 2, Eternals and The Marvels.

ONTD, are you ready to cry?
- Marvel released a new promo featuring Stan Lee’s narration to make people go back to the movies.
- It includes first scenes from Eternals and new scenes from Shang-Chi and Black Widow
- It also includes the official title announcements for Black Panther 2, called “BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER”.
- It also confirms that Captain Marvel 2 will be called “THE MARVELS” (including Ms Marvel’s sign in the logo).
- Also, confirms dates for ‘Spiderman No Way Home’, ‘Thor Love and Thunder’, ‘Doctor strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, ‘Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’, and no date yet for Fantastic Four.
- Disney+ shows are not included cause they’re not movies, but one movie that’s not in the ad is Blade, weird...
- Also, it features a clip of people watching the Avengers Assemble scene in theatres.


ONTD, are you emotionally prepared for this?
Tags: marvel, the avengers

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I miss cosplaying for MCU movies on opening night with my friends so much
The moment in Endgame was so hype.

God I miss the movies so much.
idc i missed marvel stuff, almost makes me wanna be in a packed cinema lmfao
I miss going to the movies.

Somewhat related, Anthony Mackie’s wiki page got vandalized a while ago, but it seems to be back to normal now. Shame coz it made me chuckle
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Lmao! He had a pandemic wedding with Seb and adopted Tom. I knew it!


May 3 2021, 15:35:04 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 17:02:32 UTC

This was a well-done emotional trailer!! 😭😭😭

That said, not some of y’all grown ass adults getting *emotional and crying* at a Disney-owned product after bitching in yesterday post!!!!

What’s the difference between a Disney adult and a Marvel adult?!

Btw where are the anti-capitalism comments?

Can’t wait to see some of y’all cry about going back to a theater because the pirate life is not appealing enough. 😂😂😂

Never change, ONTD lmao
See below
That’s why I don’t the huff and puff/sticks full chest out some users do here seriously.
I think it’s the fact going to a amusement park still feels very risky and not worth it in states that aren’t that high with vaccinations. So it feels gross that they love Disney so much but going to risk the employees. I know their isn’t a easy solution but I feel like people who have been safe during covid might not be the first ones to line up at a amusement park? So it feels gross. This is just a trailer something we are enjoying safely at home half or the movies listed were coming out next year. That’s my take :shrugs:


5 days ago

The audience footage always gets me, there's really nothing like seeing a movie with a huge crowd on opening night. I miss it so much!! A well-made trailer, to be sure, though it's weird to see how far out they have these stacked up.
Endgame wasn't a good movie but it was a damn good experience. I still get chills watching clips and reactions of Cap wielding the hammer, "On Your Left", and "Assemble".

but damn 10 movies in 2 years is... a lot. I don't even have my first vaccine shot yet so I can't imagine going to a theatre as soon as July.
Yeah what's with the delay on the Blade reboot?
You know yesterday in the Disneyland post ppl were like “what would make you cry”? Well as soon as “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” flashed on screen I was done. I’m going to be fully vaccinated by the time a lot of these movies come out so I think starting with Shang-Chi I’m going to make an effort to safely see it in theaters
this just made me miss going to the movies. there's nothing compared to the feeling i got at the portal scene seeing it with other people during endgame.

i cried more at the fact i miss the social connection that marvel gives me. i'm excited for some of the upcoming projects.

some of these new titles, idk man
Not to be a downer, but all those titles one after the other makes me kind of ill. This is - to be clear - not to shame people who love Marvel, because I will definitely be seeing some of these (ahem Tony Leung), BUT it just reminds me of what a stranglehold Disney and Warner Bros have on cinema and if we're lucky enough to have this pandemic at least under control soon, things will go right back to that. The American cinema landscape is so fucking dry right now imo.
Yeah, it's the same for me. That just brings the point home that everything is planned, designed and created by these same people. The stranglehold they have over cinema (and media in general) isn't funny, it's terrifying.
The good thing about cinema this past year was that it was much more accessible, and Disney really exposed itself as almost meaningless without the theatrical (technological) experience. It really is just a bunch of visual effects. And plopping people of color in these films doesn't shift the central capitalistic project which is why this shit feels to me so cynical. I'm sure Zhao's film will be great, but I'd rather she get a blank check to do her own picture where she had full control because I know she didn't here, I don't care what people say. Look at the Andrea Arnold situation for Big Little Lies.

I definitely used to be one of those people that argued well representation/diversity isn't just a moral good, it's great for business! I was an idiot. At the end of the day, nostalgia aside, Disney is a corporation that stands against everything I want for the world, and the stories it tells only preserve the status quo (i.e. the end of Falcon and Winter Soldier had its moments, but we're still aligned against a black/migrant girl who positions herself against the state and is ultimately killed by a cop, which is "justice" even if the cop is shady). Ryan Coogler, Chloe Zhao, etc. are talented filmmakers who deserve agency and I would love to see the HUMAN stories THEY wanna tell outside of the Disney machine.


5 days ago

didn't watch the trailer but same feelings here

I'm generally entertained by most of these movies, and I care about some of the characters, but the only urgency to see things was so that the internet wouldn't spoil it. fun audience reactions were a bonus.

wishing that people will watch a wider variety of films ...
ok yes this nearly made me cry
"On your left" *weeps*

This montage got to me. I have yet to see Chadwick and not get emotional. I'm going to be a mess watching BP2. I'm looking forward to being back in the theater again but I'm cautious about it. even with the protocols in place, I'd probably try to see it during a time when the theater isn't as busy.
I was one of those people who had never seen a single Marvel movie (at least, not the recent ones. I did see XMen, F4 back when) - except Black Panther. I of course had to watch Black Panther.

And then during lockdown, I decided to do the Marvel watch in the order all the Marvel geeks insisted the movies be watched in. Two years too late, but I really absolutely fell in love with it all. And I finished the binge just in time for WandaVision - which I was slow to warm up to, but loved.

And I know it's not very popular around here, but I really do adore Chris Evans - especially as Cap. Sebastian Stan/Bucky is a very close 2nd place in my heart. So when FaTWS was announced, I had mixed feelings. Wasn't sure how I'd feel about another Cap (although I love Sam), but excited to see more Bucky (who I feel was really short-changed in IW & Endgame).

At the end of the day, I'm fricken ecstatic with Sam being Cap, and I find myself loving Bucky even more. But I still feel short-changed when it comes to Bucky. I really really really hope Marvel gives him a stand-alone movie. Or focuses season 2 of FaTWS on Bucky. There's SO much story to be told. Hell, they could even get Natasha back in flashbacks - if they follow the comics that is.

Also - one big pet peeve I had about FaTWS - again, short-changing Bucky - they didn't let him kick nearly enough ass. In the movies, he's like a machine that can cut through dozens of people in his way, and was able to knock Steve on his ass repeatedly. Meanwhile FaTWS - they had these new supersoldiers not just hold their own against him - but pretty much beat him on several occasions. Bucky, the former Winter Soldier, with DECADES of combat training. It drove me nuts.
YES I’ve been saying Bucky has been underpowered since TWS, even if they’re trying to contrast the WS and Bucky, it doesn’t mean he can’t kick ass a little more
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