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Marvel Studios brings back Stan Lee + First look at Black Panther 2, Eternals and The Marvels.

ONTD, are you ready to cry?
- Marvel released a new promo featuring Stan Lee’s narration to make people go back to the movies.
- It includes first scenes from Eternals and new scenes from Shang-Chi and Black Widow
- It also includes the official title announcements for Black Panther 2, called “BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER”.
- It also confirms that Captain Marvel 2 will be called “THE MARVELS” (including Ms Marvel’s sign in the logo).
- Also, confirms dates for ‘Spiderman No Way Home’, ‘Thor Love and Thunder’, ‘Doctor strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, ‘Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’, and no date yet for Fantastic Four.
- Disney+ shows are not included cause they’re not movies, but one movie that’s not in the ad is Blade, weird...
- Also, it features a clip of people watching the Avengers Assemble scene in theatres.


ONTD, are you emotionally prepared for this?
Tags: marvel, the avengers

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yeah I got emotional, I can't help it
Chadwick :(.
I get so sad when he comes up in the press or on social media, but for some reason, seeing him as T’challa hurts the most.
I've watched most of these movies and yet I feel nothing for the characters
the scene from the theatre got me :(

i miss going to the movies and being around people in general so much.
I can't wait to go back to the movies. Watching a movie on opening weekend with a sold out crowd is such an amazing experience and I missed it so much.
I miss movie popcorn so much. I can't wait to feel safe going to the movies.
I miss movie popcorn so much.

Some places were selling it for take-out. I don't know if they're still doing that.
I googled my theater (it's Regal) and saw they're reopening May 7th so maybe I'll just go to get popcorn and leave lol
Can they please give us an update on Blade? It's been 84 years. I'm ready.
It's strange that it was the only announced movie that was not in the video. Even F4 got a logo (which we already saw in December)


May 3 2021, 14:54:43 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 15:00:47 UTC

I figured we were supposed to like Kaptain Klan based on the head nod Sam gave him, and I hated it so fucking much


Anyway, I wish they would get Ta-Nehisi Coates in the writers room bc he's been killing it with cap in the comics. Anything that pisses off Jordan Peterson is great in my books

they had something strong with that bloodied shield image, and they ran away from it
I love that Angelina is trending.
I hope she becomes the Loki/Wolverine of Eternals and ends up getting her own project later on. I don't know if she wants to be in many films tho.
my excitement for eternals deflated a little after i read that *potential* spoiler post on reddit. [Spoiler (click to open)]i've been so fucking excited for salma. if she's really killed off in the fucking first act i'm gonna be pissed

the marvels title with kamala and monica's symbols in the title has got me so excited; wandavision got me hooked into what happened between carol and monica and maria.

just thinking about black panther and chadwick still just gets me close to tears.
Regarding Eternals, yeah, agree. Reading those spoilers gave me GOT final season flashbacks :(.

At the same time i'm glad i read the spoilers cuz that means i know what's coming and won't be getting my hopes up. lol.
This got me all excited to coming back to the movie theaters and see these films on the big screen!
the difference between how y'all were making fun of people crying at disneyland and are now crying over marvel

never change lol
I was gonna post the exact same thing lmao

It's ~mature if we watch paint by numbers movies on opening day!! and I say this as someone who also watches one a year!
Just let people like what they like, because you probably like something "childish" too.
lmao @ them using someone's bootlegged recording of Endgame in their montage. & how is BP 2 coming out so soon...

Also how many people in here cheering this were shitting on disneyland fans yesterday...🤔🤔🤔
Their asses will be first in line for avengers campus
& honestly more power to them tbh! just the hypocrisy...phew aren't they tired?
I think they already had BP scheduled to come out relatively soon and Ryan had a script close to done, he just needed a few months to rewrite it. Lupita was asked about it earlier this week and she said it was great
This promo worked on me and I ain’t even mad. The MCU is responsible for so many good memories with family and friends, their storytelling is really special to me.


May 3 2021, 15:19:04 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 15:19:44 UTC

you guys are killing me with the false comparisons. being so desperate to get into a theme park you're willing to risk lives and a movie you can watch in your living room are fairly significantly different.
yeah I guarantee if there was footage of marvel stans crying in the streets over a trailer they’d be roasted just as hard on here.

plus half that last post was ppl getting defensive so who’s to say it’s not them crying.

I recognize at least 2 ppl that are always in these marvel posts shitting on disney and getting dog piled so the consistency is there with some of the louder ones at least (and would explain why these posts would be overwhelmingly positive bc the dissenting voices are run out/waiting for martin scorsese to start bitching so it’s safe to come out)
Hell, I'm a Marvel fan and I'd be side eyeing people weeping openly in the streets over a trailer. LOL!

Yes, we can get emotional over characters and people who have passed in the MCU world (like Stan Lee & Chadwick) but we're not about to make post with 500 comments defending dramatics over fictional characters. lol


5 days ago

Thank you! People who are first in line to get in a themed park probably aren’t the ones most concerned about covid safety. Some sure but definitely not a lot of them. So it feels so gross to be so emotional when that staff is at risk. And seeing peoples stories being like “LET ME IN LET ME IN” while lining up at Disney is so gross and privileged it’s not the same as getting excited about movie trailers at all.
doing the most lmao
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