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Marvel Studios brings back Stan Lee + First look at Black Panther 2, Eternals and The Marvels.

ONTD, are you ready to cry?
- Marvel released a new promo featuring Stan Lee’s narration to make people go back to the movies.
- It includes first scenes from Eternals and new scenes from Shang-Chi and Black Widow
- It also includes the official title announcements for Black Panther 2, called “BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER”.
- It also confirms that Captain Marvel 2 will be called “THE MARVELS” (including Ms Marvel’s sign in the logo).
- Also, confirms dates for ‘Spiderman No Way Home’, ‘Thor Love and Thunder’, ‘Doctor strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, ‘Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’, and no date yet for Fantastic Four.
- Disney+ shows are not included cause they’re not movies, but one movie that’s not in the ad is Blade, weird...
- Also, it features a clip of people watching the Avengers Assemble scene in theatres.


ONTD, are you emotionally prepared for this?
Tags: marvel, the avengers

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tbh... most of my fave Marvel characters have already been had their story told (or were fucking butchered) in Phases 1-3, so all I'm really looking forward to here Black Panther 2? I guess Spiderman and Ant Man will be fun. Like I won't be rushing to see these movies on release day like I was with the previous ones.

I'm just invested in Sam as Cap and have a horrified curiosity at how badly they're gonna fuck up Secret Invasion. And Moon Knight for my husband Oscar.

Secret Invasion can be absolute trash so long as it introduces Teddy Altman. All sins will be forgiven!
Teddy is on Grey's Anatomy.
You raise a very good point!
as long as my fashionable space prince is introduced so he can meet his husband-to-be next, i will forgive everything else
Well it worked for me! That close up on Angelina got me more hyped than it should, I can't wait for her to be in a good movie.
Her sword looked badasss.
So badass!!


May 3 2021, 13:59:14 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 14:05:16 UTC

I want a full trailer for Eternals already. I don't care how far away it is lmao

I was already looking forward to Captain Marvel's sequel but The Marvels has me a bit hyped now.

And I'm sorry but nothing they do will get me excited for Fantastic Four lol Especially if they follow through on casting Krasinski (in any role)
And I'm sorry but nothing they do will get me excited for Fantastic Four lol Especially if they follow through on casting Krasinski (in any role)

Same. There have been so many bad versions. a good one will be next to impossible.
So excited for everything!
But still so sad over Chadwick.
I'm not ready. Marvel really owns me. I missed this in 2020 a lot. this is what all the marvel content so far has showed me.
oh wow the eternals looks soooo pretty
- Kevin Feige after seeing the sunset scene.
That was beautiful! Give me all the montages tbh 😍😍😍

Eternals looks sooooo good!!! 👏👏👏
Did they film that reaction themselves or take it from one of the people who post those videos.
They probably filmed it themselves, though I wouldn't put past the feds if they confiscated the tape from a regular and used it to appear cool and hip with the nerds.
I read that it's from the Russo brothers - so I guess it makes sense to use that clip here.
I remember the Russo brothers filmed the audience reactions so it's probably from that.
Waiting for one of these tomorrow with Mark Hamill for May 4th.
That makes sense tbh. Althoug idk if Star Wars has that many films in the pipeline as Marvel.

Also, they better use Baby Yoda.
They have a lot of TV shows coming so I guess the promos could be more tv-focused.
I can't wait for Captain Marvel 2! I hope it's able to be a little more fun than the first one which I do love but it is more serious in tone for a Marvel movie. And I'm actually excited for Dr Strange since Wanda will be in it.
I think it will since it has Ms. Marvel in it.
Benedict and Dr Strange are my least favourite MCU arm but after WandaVision I'm annoyingly excited for it just to see her again.
Doctor Strange was my least favorite MCU film but he won me over in Infinity War. That plus Wanda has me excited for the sequel.
Captain Marvel 2 and Dr Strange MoM have me most hype!
I’m ready to see Nia DaCosta taking over in the directors chair and the dynamic between Carol and Monica (which remained unexplored in WandaVision which bugged the hell out of me) and Kamala. Like yes let’s make this a proper ladies ensemble piece
i accepted the new blade so i better fucking get it 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
This is beyond petty, but it annoys me sfm when movies are [Title] and then the sequel is [Title]: [Subtitle]. Why didn't the first one have a subtitle, then?! Captain America: The First Avenger had the right idea. It's not like they didn't know there'd be another BP.

"The marvels"

So that confirms Monica Rambeau is gonna be there, but do you think Kamala will be there too? Though isn't she more of an inhuman, so maybe not?

Do we know what name they're going for with her? She was captain marvel before carol. Spectrum? Photon? She takes on the Captain Marvel mantle and Carol is something else?
Kamala will be there for sure. Feige already confirmed it in the Disney Investor’s call, and the S in “The Marvels” logo is her S.
It would have helped if I actually read the post

ONTD doesn't read™
my guess is that they'll go with Photon since it was confirmed in WandaVision that it was Maria's callsign
Both Monica and Kamala were confirmed to co-star back in December.
i'm still so emotional about chadwick. i adored bp but my heart, she's too weak to keep going
Same it still makes me so fucking sad. So fucking unfair.
I seriously doubt those release dates will stick and not get pushed back, especially down the line.

Also I don't see myself going to a theater any time soon. My countries vaccination plan for this week is still for 50yo+.
why would they be delayed again? COVID?
Not covid specifically, but reshoots, conflicting releases from other studios, etc
They've never directly advertised dates so far in advance before


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