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ONTD Original: 5 characters who are annoying and the Worst

We all have those characters who we just hate. Some for no real reason and some cause they are genuinely the worst. These are mine.


Sam Winchester-Supernatual.
no real reason tbh Ive just never liked him. jareds off screen antics certainly didnt help. the finale only made it worse.

more annoying charactersCollapse )

source: me and my tv viewing, google for the pics

so ontd, which characters do you hate?
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My recollection of Nip/Tuck was that Sean, Julia, Christian and Matt were all supposed to be vile.

Matt did plenty of awful things - covered up a car accident he caused, committed a transphobic assault, and got involved with racists (though he made up for both of those things), carried out robberies, and lied to get released on parole.

Sean attacked Julia when he found she cheated on him; both of them planted drugs on her mother.

Christian was a massive sleazebag, who also embezzled money from Sean at one point.
Castiel on SPN. Ceased to have a point after s5 and dear god his fandom is a toxic mess

Sabrina on Chilling Adventures. Insufferable and yet treated as the be all end all by every character

Glad to see I'm not the only one that hates Castiel!
Carrie - Sex and the City
Joey - Dawson's Creek (tbh I didn't watch the whole show, but when the show started to focus on her solely, I had to tap out)
Flawless pics.
the entire cast of teen wolf.
I love the low energy with the potential of drama of this post.
I’m rewatching Lost for the first time in about ten years (it was my favourite and go to show for a lonnnnng time) & I cannot STAND most of the characters, it’s really surprised me! I don’t remember them being THIS insufferable & yet, I cannot with most of them 😹 the actors do their best but the writing is heinous! I used to be on message boards and everything, and now I’m tuning in for Hurley, Sun, Jin & Vincent the dog haha.
It's such a different experience when you binge a show like LOST instead of watching it live. Watching it live, the anticipation from weak to weak kind of erases all the dumb plot machinations. You also don't remember all the dumb things that happened as well because it's months/years since those things happened. When you binge 3 seasons in 3 weeks or whatever all of a show's flaws stand out in sharp relief.
Totally! It’s such a new experience - I would stay up to watch it week by week and was so excited and invested in everything but now I just hate most of them 😹 (don’t get me wrong I’m still watching and will do so till the end but my god are they all annoying 😹)
Evangeline Lily is fine and all but CHRIST I hated Kate.
my most hated character is probably Clarke Griffin from the 100. I've never had a character make me want to send them through a wall the way she does. I think it was season 5 when i really started disliking her and it has grown ever since.


May 3 2021, 12:11:06 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 12:34:03 UTC

Xander, that he was an obvious Joss self insert just made him worse.
The Halliwell sisters in Season 7-8 of Charmed. They'd become so selfish, self-centered and I was mad I was invested in the show. They were barely recognizable from previous seasons. I never forgave them for what they did to Daryl and I hated how they treated Cole as character. I liked Billie okay but Christy was horrible and I loathed her character.

Jared has made me retroactively not like Sam very much either.

Barney from HIMYM was the catalyst for me to stop watching long before the end. I think the trigger was an episode where he was like cold calling woman or something.
Ugh-fuck Babe. She came out of nowhere and became the center of the whole show, and she brought her annoying ass mom with her.

Peyton on One Tree Hill. Jessa and Hannah from Girls.

Blaine was a piece of garbage and I will stand by that

I mean every character on that show except Santana Lopez and Brittany S Pierce were garbage so

Late to the party but...

EVERYBODY ON THE MAGICIANS - Holy shit, I had to drop that show because I disliked every single character. They're all shallow, immature, annoying and just completely insufferable. I wasn't surprised when I found out it was written by Sera Gamble, the woman who ruined Supernatural. The only thing I liked about it was Abigail the sloth in season 2.

Tom, Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa (Parks and Rec) - also couldn't continue the show because of these clowns. They are not funny, they're idiotic, unbearable and painful to watch.

Overall I also really dislike mopey characters.
I couldn't finish The Magicians book series bc all the characters were so insufferable. There was no one to root for, they all sucked.
Sabrina on CAoS. A whole show so dependent on the main character always making the selfish choice that they start lampshading it by season 2 and yet she's still doing it in season 4.
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