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ONTD Original: 5 characters who are annoying and the Worst

We all have those characters who we just hate. Some for no real reason and some cause they are genuinely the worst. These are mine.


Sam Winchester-Supernatual.
no real reason tbh Ive just never liked him. jareds off screen antics certainly didnt help. the finale only made it worse.

more annoying charactersCollapse )

source: me and my tv viewing, google for the pics

so ontd, which characters do you hate?
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I think I stopped liking Sam halfway through S2 and I was definitely done with him by the time S4 rolled around. I was only around for one more season though.
She had some good lines on glee but there’s something about jessalyn gilsig that I can’t stand

Here characters on nip/tuck and damaged were awful
Apparently I made up her being on damages? Maybe I’m thinking of heroes

I just know I felt like she was always popping up on tv shows annoying me
She was thr girl from Qiest For Camelot
it's been like... twenty years, but her character on Boston Public annoyed me and every time she pops up on something the past feeling of irritation comes back
The entire cast of Gilmore girls except lane

Justice for lane
the acress is on Fox's Prodigal Son now!
I tweeted that I loved her getting to play an accomplished character who got to grow professionally (unlike Lane) and she liked it!
I really wish the writers would take it down a notch with her love for Malcolm. It's gotten so OTT and ridiculous.


2 weeks ago

Saw the title and immediately thought, "Blaine."
Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things. pointless character and they actor looked 30 something
I hate him and the people who love the character because they think the actor is hot. Hated how they tried to redeem that racist prick in s3.

And the people who ship him with Steve...I just
That wig was atrocious
YES! Also let's be honest, who would look at Billy twice when Steve's around?
when the writers say the character is racist but the actor denies it 🙃🙃🙃
Also I recently rewatched teeth because my takeaway from promising young woman was that teeth was a better movie, and the guy who played Matt McNamara was the creepy stepbrother
I HATED Babe Carey, and how everyone bent over backwards for her. And then she ended up being David's daughter and that pissed me off even more.
most of the moms on ABC comedies shows. idk if they do that on purpose. like all they do is complain and as the show gets more season, they become unbearable. ex. Frankie on The Middle, Claire on Modern Family, Katie on American Housewife, Beverly on The Goldbergs and etc.
Oh god I hated the mom on The Middle. My grandma used to watch it and I would shudder every time I heard Patricia Heatons voice
I was drawing a blank til someone mentioned Teen Wolf - that show had all sorts of problems but I hated Peter Hale SFM!!!! He should have stayed dead and they should have resurrected Laura Hale or literally anyone else.
Teen Wolf was ages ago, but I still remember my burning hatred for that asshole. UGH
Nate motherfucking Fisher from Six Feet Under...

Captian Hook from Once Upon a Time. 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Narm Nate was a self-involved prick and while we're at it, so was Brenda. Over privileged star in her own drama series.

Looking back the only SFU character I consistently enjoyed was Ruth. She's the kind of elderly weirdo I aspire to be.
Totally agree, both of them were insufferable and they honestly made that show a chore to watch, even though I generally liked the rest of the family most of the time. All of them had their moments, but Nate and Brenda were consistently terrible people and so much of the show revolved around them and their fucked up relationship.
I watched when it originally aired and I loathed Ruth, she was so weird and cringey. Then I rewatched as an old and she was BY FAR the most compelling character.
let me add elliot stabler. goofy, emotionally unavailable, violent, piece of shit.
Rollins the rape apologist and Noah - stay kidnapped you little shit!

I pretty much just hate watch at this point.
and now he's got his own show!
and as expected hes a huge mess there, the fact he said ~i love you~ to benson....and is obvi still in denial about how destructive he is...its so bad.


2 weeks ago

Malucci, and every new person after Neela on ER.
romano is RIGHT THERE
Gates! omg I hated everything about him
Anya from Buffy. I feel like they took Cordelia's brutal honesty from the first seasons and just run with it to create Anya. She especially annoyed me when Joyce died, they were all mourning not just her.
I haven’t rewatched much of the show since she became a regular so maybe I’d feel differently now, but I haaaaaaated Anya when I watched the show originally.
I'm going to get a lot of shit for this but: every character on seinfeld.
great cast though
Frank and Laurel from HTGAWM. They both became insufferable once they hooked up & then just continued to suck after breaking up.

Doc on Wynonna Earp. I'm not sure why but I've just never liked him. Could not stand him & that wooly moustache, and he was just ALWAYS around with his face. Once Dolls left I peaced out too.

Juliette from Grimm. Hated her, liked her for a brief moment when she had powers then she went crazy and I came to hate her again. She was decent as Eve but my dislike of Juliette imprinted on my mind to the point where I can hardly watch Superman & Lois b/c of the actress lol.

Harvey from COAS. There was a point where all of the human friends annoyed me but he was just always so bland. And in the last season that AU episode omg I wanted to smash his face in.

Katrina on Sleepy Hollow before the whole thing went to shit. Oh & Indiana white guy from Sleepy Hollow too who showed up JUST to do the sister's job for some reason.

Mon El on Supergirl; I gave up after his season.
Same about Juliette from Grimm, I don't even know why.
I started to hate Laurel when everything became about her and her damn family.
Ia with this entire comment
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