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ONTD Original: 5 characters who are annoying and the Worst

We all have those characters who we just hate. Some for no real reason and some cause they are genuinely the worst. These are mine.


Sam Winchester-Supernatual.
no real reason tbh Ive just never liked him. jareds off screen antics certainly didnt help. the finale only made it worse.

more annoying charactersCollapse )

source: me and my tv viewing, google for the pics

so ontd, which characters do you hate?
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Sam being the top of this list on his birthday gave me a laugh. Especially with THAT pic.
I just remembered Josh Hartnett's arc in series 3 of Penny Dreadful.

It feels a bit unfair to say this since overall he's been delightful and charming, but what the fuck was that storyline?!

Series 3 as a whole was a damned mess (bar the asylum episode where Eva Green and Rory Kinnear have a proper Acting! face-off, that was absolute fire) and I refuse to acknowledge it.
Absolutely, season 3 was a mess, but there was also a scene at the beginning, when Lyle went to say goodbye to Vanessa, that I remember was very moving to me. The storyline in the USA felt like annoying filler, so much wasted potential.
Matt in Nip/Tuck. Who lead to the line I've never forgotten, uttered by his ex-wife, "He was in gay a BOTTOM."
I laugh every time.
OMG BABE what a throwback. God. I don't remember much but for a couple years as a kid I'd watch AMC with my mom and we always hated Babe and her dumb name. Kendall 4 ever. Kendall actually inspired more than one character of mine in short stories I've written over the years. So sassy, with the best hair.
Dakota Fanning’s character in The Alienist. She’s just so miscast and annoying.
I loved the character in the books. Dakota is truly miscast and can’t act
Not only does she make a suffragist, a lady detective, high society, assistant to Theodore Roosevelt seem boring she’s also just SO MUCH YOUNGER than Daniel Bruhl and Luke Evans and it’s WEIRD.
On Sam Winchester's BIRTHDAY

I think the character I hate most is Michael Scott, and some people will say "well you're supposed to hate him" in which case JOB WELL DONE... while others will say he has a good heart because he went to Pam's art show that one time, like wtf he's racist and sexist and homophobic and cruel and petty and that doesn't all get erased by that one nice thing he did.
To this day i am still angry he got to ve with Holly.

He and Jan deserved each other.

Its because we all love Steve Carell, but that doesnt make his character better
ia. sure he's good for laughs and supposed to be horrible but I don't have an ounce of fondness for him the way I have for say, Dwight, Ron Swanson or Lucille Bluth. He represents too many things I loathe and lacks any redeemable qualities. besides being a bigot and an incompetent fool his personality is detestable. he's selfish, cowardly, spiteful, small-minded, stubbornly ignorant, self-entitled, obsessed with attention and what people think of him, basically everything that's wrong with mediocre straight white men.
he's the worst and makes the show unwatchable for me but in a way I respect that they tried to make us all root for that asshole because that really is how people are IRL. they can be the worst kind of person who still does incredibly kind things - but that sort of nuance doesn't work for a fictional character, let's be real
How are you going to put Babe on here when there’s a whole fucking slew of Passions characters who were literally the worst. Fancy, Pretty, some other Adjective — all terrible people.
Omar White from Oz.

Fucking Emma in Degrassi.
Oh god and Joel Grey's character on Oz. Worst way to get rid of Said.
Said's death was one of the worst.
I recently rewatched Oz and remmebered hating Omar, but my feelings are a lot more conflicted at the moment.

He was definitely annoying, but at the same time such a good example of black men with obvious mental health issues being chucked away into the penitentiary system without proper mental health evaluation. He clearly had no clear idea of the consequences of his actions and he seemed desperate to make friends despite consistently sabotaging himself.

Sorry for the tl;dr, just upon rewatch I found myself really feeling for him. He never should've been imprisoned, he needed psychiatric treatment.


2 weeks ago

i'm just here to laugh at Old Sam's god awful Party City wig. The least they can do is give it a good brush.

IA with Debbie from Shameless especially the last season they were trying to make her the next Fiona with her nonense
I was watching gilmore girls this past autumn and lorelai really got on my nerves. i had to stop watching cause i was getting so annoyed by her. i know rory's annoying too but lorelai is a full-fledged adult and still acting terrible and i think that's why she got on my nerves more than rory did. also, i didnt make it past like the 3-4th season so i guess i dont know how bad rory got
Yeah Rory’s downfall as a character comes at the end of season 4 (for me anyway lol). I find Lorelai very frustrating as a character sometimes but I feel like the show will portray her as being in the wrong sometimes whereas they never do with Rory. I really hate Dean but I like when he was like “oh boo-hoo Rory, someone doesn’t like you for once” when she went to his house after their breakup lol. She needs to be called out more!
But yeah I do think Lorelai’s actions can be very frustrating. When she throws a fit at thanksgiving with her parents because Rory applied to Yale? Embarrassing.
I tried to get into that show, but both Lorelei and Rory annoyed me too much and I heard that they only got worse.

This is the King of Idiots right here. Justice for Anya and Cordelia! Also, every male character from Beverly Hills 90210 was the worst!
i was just ctrl+f "Xander"ing my way though this post lol
Jonah and Mateo on Superstore. Both are annoying assholes lol.

I know ppl like to hate ob Amy but i feel like that was due to the writing on the show. When they focused on Amy, the dhow dragged. The last season was great and when America came back, it feels like she never left. Its a shame they didnt do another season without Amy before ending.
Jonah can be annoying sometimes lol but I do love him. They went a bit too far with Mateo and Cheyenne sometimes when they would make fun of Amy.
I 100% agree. Remember when they made fun of Amy's son's name? When Harmonica is a worst then Parker!?!

But Im glad they got some character development towards the end. The ep where they were fake fighting was funny.


2 weeks ago

jonah's kinda annoying but i have SUCH a crush on ben feldman it seeps into jonah and i'd absolutely fuck his annoying ass character lol
Jonah is the prototypical "white upper class audience can still see themselves represented in this show about people I otherwise have no connection to" character, a la Piper in Orange is the New Black, so I can forgive a lot because the *point* is that they're always a little out of touch. That said I like Jonah lol, they could have gone way farther with his character just for laughs and made it too uncomfortable for me to watch but I think they did a good job modulating that

Mateo yeah they sometimes go a little too far making him ~sassy~ and he says things that are straight up scathing. but, that's realistic at least - lots of ppl who think of themselves as playfully catty say things that are, at their core, mean as fuck
DAWSON LEERY. Insufferable, pretentious, stupid, whiny baby.


May 3 2021, 03:05:29 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 03:08:16 UTC

Julie Taylor 100%
I don't know how such flawless parents spawned that evil. I will never forgive FNL for having my favourite character end up with her.
I couldn't stand Julie


May 3 2021, 17:42:09 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  May 3 2021, 17:42:50 UTC

One (very small) thing that annoyed me too, was is when Matt broke up with her and she was on about them being together for 5 years?!

The timeline didn't add up cos didn't they get together when she was 15? And she wasn't 20 when the storyline happened. And conveniently forgot "The Swede" during those apparent 5 years.
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